What is a mindfulness meditation session like?

A good part of our daily actions are carried out almost automatically. When we take a shower, prepare food or check our phone, our minds are often elsewhere. To refocus on the essentials, mindfulness meditation is particularly useful. This is how a meditation session takes place.

What is meditation good for?

Very often, we are not fully present in what we are doing. Our body performs while our mind wanders and ruminates. Throughout the day, the latter is subject to the influx of thousands of thoughts. “Indeed, explains Claire Aujard, nutritionist and meditation instructor, our brain produces around 50,000 thoughts a day and we cannot stop it. On the other hand, by meditating we can better understand their progress: at what rate do these thoughts emerge? How are they created? It is also a good tool to learn how to change your outlook on these thoughts. Get rid of judgment to simply note their existence. Take them for what they are: simple productions of our brain.

Indulging in meditation sessions is therefore an effective way to find inner peace while relieving body and mind.

Meditation sessions alone or in a group?

To get started in the practice of meditation, some people prefer to be accompanied during their first sessions. For this, it is possible to turn to certified instructors who organize group sessions or to guided meditations via podcasts, applications or videos on Youtube.

Mindfulness like MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) [1] takes place, for example in a group, over an eight-week cycle with two to three hours of teaching per week. But it is quite possible to start the practice more gently at home.

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What is a meditation session like?

Prepare your body

It’s 8am, that’s the daily schedule you’ve set for your morning meditation (you can actually meditate at any time of the day!). Before you start, do not hesitate to warm up your body with some stretches or yoga positions. This will allow you to gently awaken your body and prepare it for your meditation session.

Get comfortable

Sitting for a long time can sometimes be uncomfortable, which can disrupt your session. Indeed, to meditate in the best conditions, comfort and well-being are key. Opt for warm and comfortable clothes and a welcoming environment. Whether you’re sitting on a chair, in the lotus position on the floor, or on a zafu (meditation cushion), choose a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle.

Focus on your breathing

Breathing is the key to a good meditation session, the beacon that will guide you through the storm of your thoughts. Because do not think that you will suspend their course during your session, it is simply impossible. The goal is actually quite different: it’s about focusing your attention on your body to let thoughts come to you without judgment, without letting yourself be carried away by them.

To keep your mind sharp, there are several tips. You can start by following the thread of your breath. How does the air enter through my nostrils? Is it warmer or colder than when it emerges? Where does my breath take place: in my belly, between my ribs or at my chest? To help you follow its path, you can also try to visualize it like a golden net that enters through your nose, travels throughout your body before coming out…

Let his mind wander

It’s up to you to find the method that works best for you. Anyway the objective is always the same: let the thoughts pass without following them and return to your breath.

This training of the mind is not easy for those who practice meditation alone. So, in order not to get discouraged and find your rhythm, don’t hesitate to start with short meditation sessions of 5 to 10 minutes. As you go, you can then lengthen them to get the most benefits. You can also opt for other types of exercises such as body scanning or visualization.

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Calmly return to your routine

At the end of your meditation session, the most important thing is to cultivate the calm and mindfulness that you have just nurtured. So avoid immediately jumping on your phone or in the shower after you’re done. Enjoy the moment. Gently open your eyes. Take a few deep breaths before getting up and going about your business.

If you can, make yourself some tea and enjoy it mindfully while doing nothing else. It’s another way to extend this precious moment of break!

You now know how a proper meditation session goes. All you have to do is get started! And to help you, go to the page of our special file this way.

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What is a mindfulness meditation session like?

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