What does the house of tomorrow look like?

What devices will accompany our homes tomorrow? This is the question that the Fnac Darty group asked itself before unveiling its selection in an experiential living space. And the good news is that the house of tomorrow already exists today!

It is in a space organized around 12 living rooms, the Fnac Darty group has imagined how our lifestyles at home could evolve in the near future. Concretely, the house of tomorrow emphasizes the well-being, sustainability but also the simplification of everyday life with innovations that are already available today and that should be democratized in all homes. Here is an overview of the items you can already adopt.

The Frame TV

A connected TV that blends into the decor, here is something to seduce all the living rooms that have to play chameleons throughout the day to turn into a workspace, family conviviality room and cinema room a little later in the day. the evening. As its sound suggests, The Frame is as discreet as a frame on the wall and will decorate the living room with style.

The Devialet enclosure

A design object that we are proud to display and excellent sound quality at the same time, it is possible with the Phantom speaker from Devialet. Installed in the room, it provides true sound immersion for an enhanced experience.

The Roomba robot vacuum

To spend less time taking care of your interior and more time enjoying a moment for yourself, the house of tomorrow is equipped with the Roomba J7+ robot vacuum cleaner. With its self-draining system, it allows you to forget the vacuum cleaner for a few days and then it will be perfectly autonomous.

The Rowenta air purifying fan

Because indoor air quality is becoming a real health issue, this fan not only refreshes the air but also promises filtration that captures up to 99.95% of fine particles. Enough to use the device all year round, and not just during the summer season.

The Google Nest smart speaker

The house of the future will be connected or it will not be! Here is a hub that allows you to manage all the devices thanks to a connected assistant that doubles as a communication system to stay in touch with family and friends.

The Sage recycling bin

In the kitchen, too, we are getting organized! For waste management, the bin is taken to the next level with a recycling system. This model makes it possible to dry, grind and cool food waste without odor and in an ultra simple way.

The ready-to-grow vegetable garden

Aromatic herbs or fruits and vegetables all year round indoors and even in town, that is what becomes possible with the Prêt-à-pousseur indoor vegetable garden. The solution exists both for a single pot and for a small garden to compose.

The Morpheus meditation box

Well-being also depends on a good night’s sleep. To support those who have difficulty falling asleep, the Morphée meditation box may be the solution with more than 200 combinations of guided sessions designed, tested and validated by sleep professionals.

Sleep aid Withings sleep analyzer

The most reluctant can turn to the Withings sleep analyzer sleep aid, a connected sleep sensor that analyzes sleep, offers support programs for better sleep and also detects sleep apnea.

The Xiaomi surveillance camera

Home security becomes easily accessible to everyone with devices that are easy to install and configure to always have an eye on the house even when you are away.

To visit the House of tomorrow Fnac Darty and discover more products, go to the dedicated website www.maisondedemain.fr.

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What does the house of tomorrow look like?

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