Well-being: three original retreats to get off to a good start at the start of the school year

In the middle of nature, these new original retreats created by independent journalists focus on healing, creativity, awakening and calming the mind.

Greek Islands: Writing, Dreaming and Shaping the Earth

It is at the moment when the boat drops anchor in Aegina that the parenthesis opens. An interlacing of facades in pastel tones in an amphitheater facing the sea, the song of the cicadas, in the distance olive trees with silvery foliage, the setting is set. In this setting full of promise, the author of travel guides and freelance reporter specializing in Greece (notably for Le Figaro Magazine) Maud Vidal-Naquet has been orchestrating, since 2017, the creative writing workshops of L’Étincelle. Carried by the music of words and mischievous instructions, the senses are freed, the blank page becomes a mirror.

Coupled with yoga and meditation practices with Laurianne Félicité or ceramic workshops with Théodora Chorafas and Marina Coriolano-Lykourezos, moments of writing become bubbles of well-being. The pen, the body and the spirit come together in exceptional places. Facing the crater of Santorini, eyes in the crystal clear waters of Amorgos or on a desert islet populated by peacocks and deer off the coast of Aegina, sentences come alive, stories are told. The moment becomes a poem, the mind lets go. Then emerge unexpected texts that speak of oneself. When the parenthesis closes, the little spark that was waiting, lurking in the darkness of his interiority, has definitely reignited.

The spark (Tel: 06 82 45 14 35). From May to October, 6 courses are scheduled on the islands of Aegina, Amorgos and Santorini. Between €690 and €960 for activities and half-board, and between €280 and €360 for accommodation in a single room (in a private villa or a small charming hotel) for 5 days. 10 people maximum.

Balearic Islands: yoga and music

In 2021, Ingrid Bauer opened a finca dedicated to original retreats in Ibiza, the “Miracle Retreats”. Miracle Retreat/Press Photo

In the heart of a valley of almond trees in Ibiza hides a secret lair. Since 2021, Ingrid Bauer, ex-lifestyle journalist and creator of the site Les Voyages d’Ingrid, keen on yoga for more than twenty years, has opened a finca there dedicated to original retreats. With the music therapist Capucine Demnard and the musician Françoise Ferrand, she invites us to “a deep reconnection with our inner earth”. A pushed program (some would say perched!). Their next “Miracle Retreat” combines Kundalini classes, vinyasa (dynamic) yoga, sound baths, mindful walks, mantra chanting… All accompanied by healthy cooking and aromatherapy.

Miracle Retreat. Next available dates: October 5-9. €680 for the retreat and meals, excluding transport and accommodation.

Portugal: reset

The next Out of State retreat will be at Quinta da Comporta, Alentejo. Quinta da Comporta / Photo Press

A breath of fresh air in the anxiety-provoking reality of our hectic lives, the Out of State program, designed by editorial director and consultant Claire Thomson-Jonville, helps to strengthen the close link between creativity and health. His project is based on the exchange of stressful digital habits against yoga and mindfulness meditation workshops, personalized training and seminars to rethink his daily life. This intimate retreat experience inaugurated in April 2022 at TheLifeCo center in Bodrum, focuses on awareness of the healing power of the body and the emotional benefits of thoughtful cultural programming. The next will take place in the Alentejo.

out of state. From October 19 to 22 at Quinta da Comporta, €2,100 for room, board, retreat.

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Well-being: three original retreats to get off to a good start at the start of the school year

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