Want to make your relationship last? This is why you should try the 80-20 method

Wanting to make your couple last is good, knowing how to go about it is better. To help you, we recommend the 80-20 method. This is, according to an expert, THE solution for a fulfilling and lasting love life. We explain to you.

Ve are engaged in a love story, you feel it’s the right one and you want it to last? So the 80-20 rule is made for you. According to psychologist James Cordova, who spoke in the columns of Psychology Todaythis method would indeed be the key to a healthy and lasting relationship. And for good reason, it would allow many couples damaged by routine and the test of time or, on the contrary, caught up in the passion of the beginnings, to find a perfect balance and thus be more fulfilled.

Where does the 80-20 method come from? Also named pareto’s lawit was developed by the Italian economist and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto in 1896. The latter, who started from the observation that 80% of the land in Italy belonged to only 20% of the population, established a principle according to which approximately 80 % of effects are the product of only 20 % causes. This law, popularized by the American economist Joseph Juran in the 1950s, applies to various fields such as decorationthe workthe nutritionthe communicationand even love stories.

Take time for yourself

How does the 80-20 rule apply to married life? As reported Cosmopolitan, this theory states that you can satisfy only 80% of your desires, needs and desires thanks to your spouse and your romantic relationship. You must support the remaining 20% ​​solely by yourself. More specifically, to be truly happy in your relationship, you should devote 80% of your time to your partner and 20% to yourself. This time for you then serves to “ensure that you give voice to your needs for attention, affection, comfort, meditation, work or exercise, and that you express them clearly”, explained James. Cordoba.

In any case, whether you are in a relationship withthat you are mother/father or even you are single, taking time for yourself (and just for yourself) is essential. Whether it’s a yoga class, a massage session, reading time or meditation, this little moment just for you will improve your Mental Health and will maintain your psychic well-being. Above all, don’t feel selfish: a rejuvenated and relaxed person is all the more available for others!

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Want to make your relationship last? This is why you should try the 80-20 method

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