Vernon. The visual artist Joëlle Dubois exhibits at the Château de Bizy

Joëlle Dubois is exhibiting for the first time in Normandy. ©DR

Joelle Dubois, plastic artist plants, will exhibit his painting work at the Bizy Castle at Vernon (Eure) from Wednesday August 17 to Thursday September 8, 2022 on the theme of plants. The exhibition is called “Dialogue with my garden” and will present large-format canvases, but also medium-sized ones. “My work is part of the colorist style”, explains the artist.

She was born in Paris on August 16, 1960 and is a graduate of the Sorbonne (licence in plastic arts), lives in Vendôme (Loir-et-Cher) and this is the first time that she will exhibit in Normandy. The opening is scheduled for August 17 from 4 p.m.

Opening on August 17

Joëlle Dubois shares with Henri Matisse the same conception of art expressed in this quote from the painter:

“What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity, of tranquillity, without disturbing or worrying subjects, which is, for any brain worker, for the businessman as well as for the artist of the letters, for example… a cerebral sedative, something analogous to a good armchair which relaxes him from his physical fatigue.”

Henri Matisse

The visual artist appropriates in her painting fragments of the plant world that she observes over the days and seasons in her garden.

Sometimes drawn freehand in acrylic or ink, sometimes applied directly to the canvas, leaves, flowers, branches are assembled in colorful compositions that range from figurative and sometimes lead to abstraction.

Acrylic paint is used like juices, which makes it possible to play the game of water and to create mixtures where chance takes on all its importance.

“I like to leave this part of chance in the dance of creation, because it is a source of imagination and daydreaming. »

Joelle Dubois

The artist paints to convey the wonder, the joy, the appeasement in front of the beauty of the vegetable world, which his father passed on to him from an early age in the observation of nature.

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Five years ago Joëlle Dubois began a series of works entitled “Dialogue with my garden” where the species of her garden are explored over the seasons: fig tree, peonies, iris, Paulownia, Crocosnia…

Search for harmony, meditation, reverie, contemplation are the key words to describe his work as a colorist.

The other themes explored by Joëlle Dubois are mainly the portrait expressing reverie and meditation and the cosmos, the observation of which has its roots in her earliest childhood.

“Painting is for me a kind of personal archeology to seek the deep being that is in oneself and to try to see it through one’s work”, explains Joëlle Dubois.

Château de Bizy, avenue Maréchal de Lattre-de-Tassigny in Vernon. Such. : 02 32 51 00 82.

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Vernon. The visual artist Joëlle Dubois exhibits at the Château de Bizy

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