TV program. ” In search of eternal youth ” on M6: Valérie Bonneton recommends fasting

In real life, are you looking for eternal youth?

Not at all ! I am 52 years old, I have not been botoxed and I hope to still hold on. The injections really scare me, because they show up like the nose in the middle of the face. When I did the conservatory, I did not bet on my physique. I preferred to do particular and funny things. I was lucky enough to be able to make people laugh. If you bet on your physique, it’s over at the first wrinkle, you stop, it’s depressing. As I am not in this register, that I have never been in it, I have the chance to escape this requirement.

Why did you embark on this funny adventure, going off to the four corners of the world for four months to discover the secrets of eternal youth and test lots of methods?

I wanted to learn, to travel, to go to different places. I was not disappointed: that I learned a lot of things. It’s still very interesting to meet centenarians and see how they live, why they are happy. When we eat well, we live well. It’s not very original to say that, but it’s the basis. When I had no money, when I was a student, if I bought a single tomato, it had to be a good tomato, even if I ate less. I was brought up like that. My mother did not buy any doctored products. My mother did everything herself, I was marked by that life.

Of all the methods, some a little crazy, tested during your journey, which do you think is the most beneficial?

The fasting cure. This experience was extraordinary. I had one hell of a catch. We often complain of being tired, of being exhausted, whereas there, we walked three hours a day, at full speed, without having eaten. It is obvious that we consume too much, that we eat too much, that we are too much on social networks. In short, we are next to the plate. And I who love to eat, I was not starved.

Anyone can fast?

On the fourth day, we are no longer hungry. It’s incredible. We think we are not capable of doing it, but we finally see that it is possible, and we see the benefits. I recommend fasting to everyone. After 5 days of fasting, we feel that all the toxins from the liver are leaving, that it cleans the body. I felt an incredible energy; it’s insane.

We come across funny charlatans during your expedition. What was your worst experience?

It was in Spain, in this luxury clinic frequented by people who no longer know what to do with their money, and who come here to save years. They are infinitely sad, money kills them. It doesn’t make you want to be rich, not at all want to not know what to do with your money. It is absurd, it is shocking. While in the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, where we went to see how a community full of centenarians lived, of healthy old people, of incredible longevity, people have almost nothing, no supermarkets, no superfluous, but they have their place in nature and it’s wonderful. They blew me away.

Is getting closer to nature a good anti-aging remedy?

I am close to nature. I was raised in contact with nature and it has always been my refuge. I have a house in Normandy and when I’m there, I sleep well, I feel light and in my place. I feel myself to exist. I felt that in Costa Rica, in India too.

Do you have to know how to relax?

That’s what I did on this trip and what I try to do in general. I’m not on social media. I never go there because they monopolize our life, eat up our life, our freedom, our existence. I also really enjoyed our trip to India, which was magnificent, meeting people who you want to be like because they are in life, in their place, in a certain harmony. That’s what I’m looking for at home in Normandy. When I’m there, I feel like them. I get rid of everything when I am in contact with nature. I can dream for hours, I feel good, I’m happy, finally happy. I like Paris, I like to be in an energy of work and creation, but I need to leave.

Living better, living better and longer, requires the reconciliation of head and body?

The power of the brain over the body and over health is very important. We heal a lot of things, for example, through meditation. If we take care of his head, we take care of his body. With everything that’s going on at the moment, we know that we’re going to have to live differently and that’s what I explored. To live well is to live the essential. It doesn’t mean going back, that would be stupid, but it would be good to change consumption, really good for everyone to stop overconsumption and the superfluous.

What is the life lesson of this trip?

When people ask me what to remember from this trip, I answer meditation without hesitation. You have to give power back to the brain. In India, it struck me the most. We have a lot to learn from their art of living: we run like crazy, we are stressed, we want to succeed, we always demand better, always more, we have to fight to become someone. But there is another way to live. And as the animals are in their place, in this other art of living you have to stay in your place and be in the present moment, in the moment of the gesture. I really experienced the power of meditation.

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TV program. ” In search of eternal youth ” on M6: Valérie Bonneton recommends fasting

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