Trail running in all its colours…. The outdoor chronicle of Sara Marquis

Running is very profitable in “well-being dose”:

Production of endorphins and dopamine (happiness hormones)

Endurance development cardiovascular

relaxation and meditation

The development of balance and stability adds to the strengths of trail running…

Of course, we don’t run the trails like on the asphalt. The pace is slower and we learn to play with the obstacles that arise. Roots, rocks, leaves, unevenness and muddy surfaces are part of the outing (and the fun). Throughout, the runner has to be alert and stay focused but it’s not as hard as it looks.

A few tips for getting started:

Find your trail shoe

Test your equipment (shoes included) before going on long outings

Avoid wearing clothes that become heavy with humidity or that do not dry quickly

Tell a loved one your route

Stay on the trails and (please) leave with your waste (tissues, bags, etc.)

Shoes, shoes… and more shoes

Has the time come to acquire trail running shoes? Try them in store. Point bar. Do not throw the dice on a model without first trying.

The shoe is the basic equipment: comfort, weight, non-slip properties and water-repellent capacity will be qualities to consider. We do not all run the same way: the volume of stroke, the placement of the foot on the ground and the type of stride are aspects to consider.

Find a comfortable shoe, with sole for the “trail” and in accordance with your budget. The rest will go with the experience you gain over the miles, the seasons when you practice your sport and the different products you discover. Anyway, a shoe that you don’t wear will always be too expensive.

Here in Drummondville, we have resources to help us find shoes and equipment suitable for each season. At Sporteque, we not only offer a choice of shoes, but the advisers! It’s fantastic to start off on the right foot!

I’m talking about running, because it’s one of my passions… I could also adapt this column to hiking! GO! we climb, we jump, we advance, we go over the roots… we smile, we breathe, we stop, we listen! Look at the map of our region and in less than an hour by car, there are really many playgrounds…

Get out, move, breathe: walking, cycling, cani-cross, hiking… there is a nearby park or forest to explore! We live in a region of the world rich in nature where the seasons set the tone for an array of activities to enjoy.

Don’t be depressed by the memories of the past summer or by the idea of ​​the winter that will follow… There, here and now, our autumn is unfolding and it has a lot to offer! Have fun!

Take the air to take care of…

BIOPIC – I deliver here a message of hope to anyone who hates running today… Like most, I ran from elementary school to college: I admit it candidly, it was almost torture and the famous Cooper test, a nightmare. The day when the race ceased to be an “obligation”, it was pleasure that showed up…

Years passed until my sister told me about a festive 5k event we prepared for and ran together “for fun”. It was my trigger and I will never thank her enough! Since then, the kilometres, the experiences and the pairs of shoes have followed one another… Then, my path crossed that of my racing twin (well yes… it’s possible): over 4 seasons, on trails or on asphalt, at the same “pace”… even at our lunch breaks.

There are key people and moments that will have changed everything and I wish you so!

We wish to give thanks to the writer of this short article for this amazing material

Trail running in all its colours…. The outdoor chronicle of Sara Marquis

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