Tourism Trends for 2023

If you think 2022 was the year that brought travel back to the masses, 2023 is going to see a whole new level of creativity in venturing abroad, according to studies by Tourism trends are constantly changing, with the rise of travel by private plane that are becoming more accessible, and travelers looking to go further than ever.

In a time of global change where war, climate change, inflation and work play a major role in many lives, people are more often questioning what is really important, and whether travel actually expands the spirit. Travel forecasts for 2023 indicate that trends seen in the past are starting to change. Vacationers are looking for feelings and understanding in the hope of seeing themselves in a new light.

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A healthy mind, body and soul

Mindfulness and mental well-being are becoming increasingly important in modern society, and this is affecting the travel industry in a big way. New, immersive and sometimes unconventional experiences are high on people’s agenda, allowing travelers to refocus their minds through meditation and wellness journeys. The mindfulness retreats are favored by 44% of jet-setters, while 40% of them aspire to a silent retreat in order to free themselves from the stress of everyday life. Additionally, 42% of respondents intend to focus on mental health or transformational health during their wellness stay.

Get out of your comfort zone

Immersion in new cultures that travelers surround themselves with becomes a much higher priority when booking a trip. More than half of travelers around the world don’t want to see the same old familiar sights as at home: they want to dive into a new world and have an experience like no other. Finding whole new ways to live, learning new languages ​​and exploring lesser-known places will be high on the list of things to do in 2023.

One-of-a-kind vacations that will surprise, shock and excite are one of the driving forces for travel in 2023. Around 73% of people are looking to step out of their comfort zone and push their limits, whether physically, or mentally, or of them ! Indulging in niche experiments for something as simple as a good anecdote will be highly desirable in 2023. For example, in a recent study, 47% of respondents wanted to eat the hottest pepper they could. find, while 38% wanted to search for extraterrestrials or UFOs while on vacation!

Additionally, 28% want to buy a one-way ticket in 2023 and follow their instincts.

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virtual trip

More than 40% of travelers intend to use virtual reality to choose their vacation destination next year. The metaverse is set to have a huge impact in 2023, with companies like Facebook, Microsoft and many more teaming up to deliver a virtual world like never before. Thanks to this technological revolution, 35% of people say they will embark on multi-day travel experiences in augmented or virtual reality. Physics is no longer a limit for travelers.

Tourists will have the opportunity to be much more adventurous in their vacation choices, as they will have already discovered many areas of the places they visit through virtual reality. It has been found that 46% of travelers are much more likely to visit places they would not have visited before through the virtual reality experience. That said, tour operators and tourism professionals have said that virtual experiences are not as satisfying as real experiences, ensuring that the virtual world will never completely obliterate physical travel.

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Combine business and pleasure

Business travel will be much more prominent in 2023, but the leisure aspect of business travel will be much more prominent. Employers are looking for new ways to build bonding and team strength within groups, reflecting the growing need to combine recreational outings with business travel.

Business travel is expected to see a vast increase in 2023, with an emphasis on relationship building and leisure work rather than actual work. This style of gamification will be introduced in many workplaces, rewarding loyal team members, and team members who have worked especially hard, with trips abroad. Many work trips will have a theme such as “survival”, where teams will stay in luxury cabins and indulge in outdoor activities and adventures.

More than half of workers worldwide believe that exploring new places as a team boosts production at work, which benefits both companies and employees.

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Tourism Trends for 2023

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