Tips from mentalists Eva and Viktor to boost your daily abilities

Initiated by his grandmother, Viktor begins by reading tarot cards, then “takes information from right and left” on the secrets of mentalism, reads a lot of books on the subject, spends eight years in India – “Buddhists have a lot of information about the brain” – a lengthy discussion with a shrink. “Mentalism, he specifies, is everything that concerns the brain, from its knowledge to its use. »

The base ? ” Empathy. Putting yourself in another person’s shoes is difficult, but essential. But also observation, psychology and intuition. “We carefully choose the people with whom we will do the experiments on stage. For example, you drop a box of matches and watch who bends down to pick it up and who doesn’t react. Those who drop quickly are people who will be influenced much more easily! As for intuition, it is a set of little things. The towers are run in, but we anticipate events, we are always one step ahead. »

Concretely, their goal is to get what they want from the other, as easily as possible… for show of course. “When you look a stranger in the eye, instinctively you look at eyebrow level. When we know the person, we tend to look at it rather at the level of the root of the eyes. If your gaze falls at this level on a stranger, he will unconsciously perceive someone familiar and will tend to respond favorably to you. »


“Kindness is a weapon of massive manipulation”, says mentalist Viktor Vincent

On the other side of the coin, this knowledge generates some inconveniences on a daily basis: “We are no longer fooled, we see the world differently, we can easily detect lies. A shifty gaze, an acceleration of arm or hand movements are all signs that a person is distorting reality. Ditto when a person speaks to you but their feet point in another direction: “The feet are always in the direction you want to go!” »

Eva and Viktor train every day to boost their memory and mental abilities. In a restaurant, for example, by counting the number of women, men, seats, by identifying the colors of the armchairs… By trying to determine the information transmitted by a person’s face and body while listening . By reciting the alphabet upside down then right side up, skipping every other letter. “You have to do these exercises regularly to maintain the alertness of the brain. The problem, in our Western society, is that we no longer make real cerebral effort. You have to get out of the routine, try new experiences in all areas. »


Job interview, negotiation… “We do mentalism all the time”, according to Fabien Olicard

And relax, especially by looking at stereograms, these two-dimensional images giving an impression of relief: “It has the same effect as a meditation session! “Other points necessary to boost your abilities according to the duo: get enough sleep and refocus on the present moment.

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Eva and Viktor. For four years, Eva and Viktor have been touring France presenting experiences of “spiritualist theatre”, comedy and humour. In Spirit, their latest show, the duo takes viewers back to the Belle Epoque, reproducing “paranormal sessions from 1900”. “Without him I would be nothing,” says Eva, 58, an actress by training, “recruited” by Viktor. “And vice versa”, continues his sidekick, 62, self-taught who fell very young into the pot of mentalism.

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Tips from mentalists Eva and Viktor to boost your daily abilities

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