TikTok: these methods to fall asleep are really effective?

Many methods to fall asleep have emerged on TikTok. But which ones really work?

Getting to sleep is sometimes a challenge. That is why many seek tips for joining Morpheus and falling asleep. Moreover, many tips are emerging on TikTok. But do they really work?

Methods that work, and others that don’t

It’s no secret. TikTok has overtaken other social networks for a while. With its millions of users, the Chinese app is a huge success. But thanks, and because of this success, bad things can be found on the platform.

It is also for this reason that the app set up several systems. In order to blacklist bad content. And, on the contrary, highlight those who advocate good things. Or who disseminate verified information.

Since many young people are on the social network, filtering the content remains essential. Luckily, there aren’t all bad things about the app. You can there find many trends which are very successful.

Even for music TikTok has made it possible to highlight certain artists. We have also unveiled the Top 5 music that has gone viral on the network. If you want to discover them, just click right here.

Now let’s get to the topic that interests you. To know tips for falling asleep. Methods found on the app. But if some work wonderfully, others turn out to be totally false. And even bad for your health.

This is why an expert gave his opinion on the methods in question. In order to know what you had to do. And, on the contrary, not to do. If you want to discover the methods in question, nothing could be simpler. Just go a few lines down.

TikTok: these methods to fall asleep are really effective?

TikTok methods to fall asleep

If you’re used to scrolling on the app, you’ve probably discovered the sticky tape method. This trick aims to put it on your mouth to encourage breathing through your nose. A technique to avoid!

This was reported by expert Jewson as noted our colleagues from I Heart Radio. According to him, this TikTok technique for falling asleep could interfere with sleep. For people who already have difficulty breathing due to medical conditions.

“Obstructive sleep apnea means your airways are blocked. Somewhere. And most people can’t quite breathe through their nose. So they are already getting oxygen reduction and if you close your mouth. This can have a very serious outcome”. He let it be known.

Ditto for the scalded lettuce water technique. “We have a study on mice. According to which when we gave the mouse an extract of lettuce, sleep duration increased. But for a human, you will need a gigantic amount”

In the end, the only TikTok method that works to fall asleep, remains the meditation. Because reducing stress and cortisol or adrenaline levels helps you sleep better. So you now know what is the best way to go see Morpheus.

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TikTok: these methods to fall asleep are really effective?

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