This is the perfect routine to start your day off right, according to a mathematician

by Jessica Meurens

Do you dream of getting up on the right foot and being directly on the attack for the day? It looks like a mathematician has found the perfect morning routine. Explanations.

How do you start your day? A shower, a coffee, some reading, checking the smartphone, playing sports… Everyone has their “morning routine”! But have you ever wondered how the perfect morning routine goes, the one that gets you going for your day?

In reality, starting the day well would require a precise program. It is therefore no longer a question of getting up late, of not swallowing anything except a coffee and of spinning off to work still drowsy! Yes, the secret of the perfect morning routine would have been pierced thanks to… mathematics!

What is the perfect morning routine?

This is a study on the morning habits of 20,000 people, commissioned by Special K and relayed by The Independentwhich showed that there was a mathematical formula to start the day well.

The results of this survey were analyzed by a British mathematician, Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon, to find the ideal morning routine. She came to the conclusion that in order to sleep well, you have to carefully count the minutes that pass in the morning. It’s all about timing, down to the minute!

Thus, according to the mathematician, to wake up well, one should follow this routine, after having slept eight hours :

  • Se wake at 6:44 and to get out of bed before 7:12
  • Do 21 minutes of sport
  • chain with a shower of ten minutes exactly
  • Take a breakfast of 18 minutes

Of course, these schedules are not to be followed to the letter but rather constitute a basis for calculation. You must therefore calculate your own ideal morning routine according to your schedule.

How to calculate your ideal morning routine?

In reality, this calculation will tell you if your morning routine is ideal or not. Here’s how to calculate your score :

  1. Multiply by two the time you spend eating breakfast, in minutes). Add to it time spent exercising and that passed in the showerin minutes.
  2. Subtract your number of hours of sleep at 8 (hours of sleep recommended). Add to it 1.
  3. Calculate the difference between your wake up time and 7:12 a.m. (in hours). Add to it 1.
  4. Then divide the sum of breakfast, sport and shower (item 1) by the product of yours hours of sleep (item 2) and your getting out of bed (Item 3).
  5. Finally, add to the total half the minutes spent doing another activity in the morningsuch as reading, meditating, brushing your hair, etc.

Example : you wake up at 6:42, eat breakfast for 15 minutes, exercise for 30 minutes, read for 20 minutes, and take a shower for 10 minutes, after sleeping for 7:30.

  1. (2×15) + 30 + 10 = 70
  2. (8 – 7.5) + 1 = 1.5
  3. 0.5 (30mins) + 1 = 1.5
  4. 70 / (1.5 x 1.5) = 31.1
  5. 31.1 + 10 = 41.1

Results ? If your final number is greater than 37, is that your morning routine is good. Otherwise, you should make some changes to always start your day in the best possible way.

Of course, this formula should be taken with a grain of salt and should rather be seen as an approximate guide.

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This is the perfect routine to start your day off right, according to a mathematician

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