The wave and the flute: two tantric sex exercises

In these two exercises of tantric sexit is a question of developing one’s energy bodies to transcend sexuality. Depending on whether you are alone (the flute) or in pairs (the wave), you can then practice one exercise or the other. That said, even if you have someone, we advise you to start with the flute, because it is good to become aware of yourself before sharing this experience with the other. But it also depends on your level of initiation to the yoga or meditation, because they have a lot to do with it all. So up to your free will.

“If you are aware, you will realize that sexuality is not just sex.
Sex is the outer layer; further inside there is love…
Even deeper inside, there is prayer…
And always more inside, there is the divine.
Sex can become a cosmic experience. So we call it Tantra. »
Osho, Indian spiritual master of the 20th century

Solo exercise: the flute

  • Prepare a beautiful setting: candles, small cushion or rug, home fragrances, musicand nice and pretty outfit… Create an inspiring spiritual-sensual space.
  • Sit cross-legged: As in a meditation session, sit up straight, but without being uncomfortable, and start by breathing deeply and gently.
  • Connect to your breath: “The simple breathing cycle of slowly stretching in and out already leads to a state of presence. “, explains Nathalie Vieyra in her book Love, Tantra, and Sexuality. The more we qualify this breathing, the more it becomes pranaamic “, that is to say subtle, and the closer we will get to a modified state of consciousness.
  • spot her column of energy that goes from the coccyx to the top of the head (the flute): it is in this axis that all the chakras are found. Imagine your breath flowing through your body from your perineum to the top of your skull, then descending from the top of the head to the coccyx, on the inhale. Practice for a few breaths.
  • Get started to sexual breathing : contract your perineum on the inhale to raise the energy from the root chakra: Muladhara (which is in particular the center of sexuality, to earthly energy), to the last chakra: Sushumna (linked to spirituality, to celestial energy). Then release the energy from top to bottom and relax the perineum. That’s it, you’re riding the wave. Practice several breaths in this way. “So we can perceive that when we breathe in, a force rises and simultaneously something relaxes and takes root. When we breathe out, something loosens and relaxes as a force surges forward (…). This infinite movement “resembles” water, the ocean, the wave”, details Nathalie Vieyra in her very instructive book.
  • Then orgasmic breathing : here, we continue to represent the energy path of the breath, but we will mark the breaths much more. It is therefore recommended to be very attentive to your feelings to practice this breathing, because you can quickly hyperventilate and have your head spinning.
  • On the inhale, we will bring the shoulders back while contracting the perineum, and on the exhale, we will on the contrary push the shoulders forward, and release the tensions and the perineum. Little by little, we will deepen and accelerate the breathing (as during sexual intercourse). This will also engage a pelvic rotation, that is to say a rocking of the pelvis from front to back (which will mimic sexual movements). This will correlatively stimulate vital energy, especially in the genitals. We can also sexualize our breathing by letting it express itself wildly.

It is then visibly possible to enter a kind of trance and live a experience of sexualization through breathing.

Couple exercise: the wave

  • put yourself opposite each other,cross-legged or in lotus (the woman puts her legs around her partner sitting cross-legged, so that their sexes are touching): depending on the degree of intimacy, you can practice the exercise more or less entwined and/or naked.
  • Connect with your partner: you can for example exchange a namaste, put your forehead against that of the other and practice one or two complete breaths like that, exchange a gesture or words of respect and welcome.
  • Take a few seconds to feel your two bodies breathing, listen to them resonate. Also mentally observe your gender. What do you feel ? What is changing? And that of your partner? Does it transmit energies to you?
  • Get in sync with the pelvic tilt : we will move our pelvis back and forth, and back and forth to find synchronization and symbiosis with our partner. The idea is to align the bodies with the breaths, to breathe together.
  • Practice synchronous breathing : take a deep mutual inspiration, hold your breath for a few seconds then exhale slowly, hold your breath again for a few seconds at the end of the exhale and inhale again.
  • Then alternate breathing : inhale when the other exhales and exhale when the other inhales. You will thus create an exchange of energy with your partner. The man begins for example “the wave” by sending his sexual energy towards the woman’s heart, she receives this energy and sends it back charged with her own energy, towards the sex of his partner, the latter in turn receives this energy. charged energy, charges it even more and sends it back to its partner. And so on. We can imagine thousands of energy-sexual paths, the main thing is to observe the paths that your breath takes, to imagine the energy that circulates within you, as well as between you and your partner.

Here is a great video to inspire you. As for the flute, do not try to model the example, to each his instrument or his wave.

Sexual breathing exercises: when to avoid?

There are no specific recommendations on the subject, except to listen to your body. However, playing with your breaths can create a hyperventilation, especially during orgasmic breathing, which can then cause a feeling of vertigo. In this case, slow down the pace and use your breath to come down (by lengthening the exhalation further).

What you must remember

Do not focus on the technical aspects : if, as Jacques Lucas (source 1), a tantric referent, explains, the bases around which the exercises are articulated are often the same: “tilting of the pelvis, contraction of the perineum muscles, pranayama breathing and energy work”, everyone seems to have his interpretation of these exercises and each experience has its particularities. Also, as in yoga, you should not focus too much on the technical aspects and the famous: “Am I doing well? “. Instead, focus on openness, connecting to others and to oneself. Visit all the feelings that come to you, explore them. Over time, it will become more natural.

Let go: Don’t be afraid to breathe, sigh or moan loudly. It is precisely by letting go that you will arrive at this modified consciousness.

Don’t necessarily expect an orgasm : “There is no certain ecstasy, says the tantra expert, it’s an experience. Which comes either with a passionate encounter, with a man or a woman after a few days of practice, or with oneself. But it can also happen spontaneously: we hug each other tightly and then we feel something very powerful. »

Understand that tantrism is a simple (but wonderful) way to transcend one’s sexuality through breathing and energy. You can play with the circuits, the combinations, go through different chakras… Everything can be divine, when you charge this thing with energies and breaths. Beyond sex, tantrism undoubtedly makes it possible to sublimate existence.

Train yourself to find this sacred space spontaneously: as the expert points out: “Once you have identified this sensation-emotion, it is much easier to find it. “. You will then be able to feel this transcendence during masturbation and during sexual relations, but also during simple hugs.

And/or do internships with an initiator: initiation can also be a good idea to fully live these experiences, however, in these cases, Jacques Lucas recommends practicing in a group internship rather than in a private session: “ Apart from the massage, the tantric practice cannot in my opinion be done with an individual patient, because there is an asymmetry, that is why I only practice internships. You can come alone or as a couple. »

That’s it, you know everything, all that remains is to ride the wave. Good for you and your sexual spirituality.

In video: Tantric sexuality, what is it?

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The wave and the flute: two tantric sex exercises

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