The UDS satin jubilee under the sign of meditation: Crispin Kabasele Tshimanga Babanya Kabudi, National President & Honorary Senator

The Union of Socialist Democrats, in acronym UDS, totaled, yesterday Tuesday, November 8, 2022, its twenty-four years of existence. Despite the fact that this political party placed this day under the sign of meditation, the National President of the UDS, Honorable Crispin Kabasele Tshimanga Babanya Kabudi, Honorary Senator, took the opportunity to send a message of greetings to all members of his side.

“On the occasion of the 24 years of creation of the Union of Socialist Democrats, in acronym UDS, he introduced, I present my best wishes to all the Comrades of the Party”.

He continued in these terms: “This satin jubilee allows me to tell everyone that my determination to make the UDS a great national political party remains intact”.

He added that “all the blows left and right have not shaken him. On the contrary, these harsh ordeals have further strengthened our common struggle”.

He remarked that “some companions have left us along the way in search of elusive happiness. It was their right. But, they are still at square one. Few have emerged.

He predicted a rosy future for those who are still at his side: “those who have remained faithful to us must know that the harvest season is not far away. On that day, we will forget our sorrows, we will heal our wounds together”.

According to his experience, “the life of a political party in a difficult environment like ours, marked by political lack of culture, is a real long-distance race which only succeeds for those who pursue, without stopping, a goal noble. This is the case of the UDS, our political party”.

He spoke of his personal commitment to the service of the UDS: “under my mandate, I never allowed myself to be counted. I have never been complexed. Because I have faith in what I’m doing, the determination to win, the hope of leading the UDS ship to safety”.

President Kabasele Tshimanga is convinced that “the animation of a political party in our country is a difficult test. The mentality of eternal assistance that characterizes most of our members does not allow our political parties to take root better. This mercantile behavior stifles the blossoming of true national political leaders. In time, that will change one day.”

He did not forget the difficulties that strewn the course of any Congolese political party: “our path being strewn with thorns, only our members determined to brave all the pitfalls will live the day of the coronation”.

“Part of the rupture, the UDS under my leadership, refuses to engage in the easy path of snobbery and congenital mimicry of my compatriots. Disruption certainly opens the way to innovation and progress” he also added.

Considering his party as one of reforms, he announced that “the UDS rejects all that is based on the facility because well-thought-out reforms are part of the appropriate therapy advocated by his party to save Congolese society”. He also indicated that “part of the societal transformation, the UDS will never back down in front of any obstacle to serve our people who have suffered so much”.

He did not mince his words because “starting from reconstruction, the UDS is convinced that the search for the happiness of the Congolese people necessarily involves hard work of national recovery. This in true justice”.

Finally, he invited all the members of the UDS to work hand in hand: “as you can see, the work that is ours requires a total commitment from all of us. In other words, running a political party is teamwork”.


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The UDS satin jubilee under the sign of meditation: Crispin Kabasele Tshimanga Babanya Kabudi, National President & Honorary Senator

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