The Solar Plexus Chakra: Take Care of the Action Dimension

Business Chakras

The size of the action; the place of corporate power

Its Sanskrit name is Manipura from the Sanskrit mani meaning “gem” and pura meaning “city”. It can be translated as the “city of jewels”. Symbolically, it can be imagined as the place where the “treasure” is found, the jewel that illuminates its environment with its energy. This is where the energy of movement is created, it is the place of the will, of the power which makes it possible to engage the dynamics of action in the Company. The element of the solar chakra is fire. In physics this produces combustion like 2 flints that are rubbed on each other, on the psychic level, we will speak of the spark which drives the movement. Without decision there is no action.

Roles and limits of the action dimension

This 3rd dimension is the place of power, whoever holds the “jewel” holds the power. But what power are we talking about? the power to act on others, to constrain? It only works for a while, to the detriment of everything around us and above all of ourselves. To obtain by power is to enslave, we can use all the resources around us, human, financial, material, natural resources, but these are resources which are running out and which will also run out ours in the quest to always seek more resources to fuel actions. What is acquired by force, power, always ends up turning against you.

This dimension impels energy but does not produce it. Also the decisions taken by the power must take into account the need to maintain the energy to nourish all the dimensions. Decisions made under the influence of emotions, especially fear, can lead to the need for control, to autocratic decision-making. The control requires energy but does not produce it. If the decisions do not nourish the process, the motivation, the pleasure, if they block them by excessive control, the energy also gets blocked and no longer flows. Power is the fuel of development, not a restriction of growth.

The dimension of action at the center of the company

The dimension of the action is at the same time the place of impulse of the vital energy for the company but also that of the reception of all its dimensions. It is his quality of connection with everyone that will give him the vitality necessary for the proper functioning of the company. Feeds from all these dimensionsthe dimension of the action will give impetus to the machine so that it starts up and produces.

The signs that should alert to anticipate

The signs of indecision :
– Making difficult or non-existent decisions
– Passivity, inaction

The type of excessive management from laissez-faire to hyper control
– Controlling management; closure of initiatives, development of processes for controlling the person and their tasks.
– Absence of a guideline; letting go – lack of leadership
– Existence and quality of delegations

Behavioral signs related to fear:
Immobility, inaction, passivity
– Flight from decisions
– Avoidance, oversights
– Haste, race against time

Ways to take care of the dimension of the action

The principle is to set an intention and act in this direction.
If I intend to walk, I have to put myself in a situation of imbalance on one leg. If I remain in the wish to walk I do not advance, the desire must be accompanied by the action of taking a step. It is the imbalance that prompts me to take another step to regain balance and so on that allows me to move forward. Without taking the risk of imbalance, I stay put, nothing moves. If I think about how I’m going to take the step, I can come up with all kinds of strategies, ways of doing things, but during this time nothing moves. I can just start taking one small step, it will undoubtedly be followed by other steps. If I start by running, I take the risk of falling. To act is to take a risk, nothing happens without action and therefore without risk taking.

To make a decision, it is useful to clear the air. Emptying consists in evacuating from one’s mind all forms of limits, fears, past experiences…

Take care of the working environment

Choose and set up a suitable place:
– To make your decisions, favor a simple, clear neutral place devoid of information (objects, posters, decorations, etc.)
– It should not be too comfortable, because it is a question of acting, therefore of leaving your comfort zone

Tools to streamline

Fear has an inhibiting or flight function. Any form of exercise or tool allowing you to connect with the prefrontal function of your brain will allow you to reconnect with your rationalization functions: any form of multi-criteria matrix, decision-making tools, or diagram such as the SWOT can be used… But be careful, it is necessary to be aware of why these tools are used and to ensure that it is as simple as possible and not energy-consuming. Because the complexity can come to mask the lack of courage to take decisions and become the tool of inhibition that it is supposed to avoid.

Take care of people, teams

Leadership is the activator of this dimension. The quality of the management will depend on the quality of this dimension and therefore of the action:
– Favor a delegating management that wants to be structuring, reassuring but not limiting and controlling.
– This requires a fair posture of trust and reassuring presence without being paternalistic or motherly
– A management that stimulates and promotes emulation rather than competition
– A management that values ​​initiatives and therefore failures as experiences towards the success of the action

Meeting idea:

Decision meeting: problem solving and/or project implementation…
Prepare color cards, as many colors as participants or services.
– Around a table distribute the batches of cards to each participant
– A person presents his problem or his project
– Each employee notes on a sheet of his color how he can help his colleague at his request.
– The applicant chooses the sheets that meet his needs
– Commitment of the participants to achieve what he has written on the sheet

Flash meetings:
They are done standing around a board or flipchart.
– They are done in small groups of maximum 6 people
– They do not last more than 15 minutes
– They are dedicated exclusively to solving operational problems

Interview idea:

Delegation interview: supporting your employee’s autonomy

– The employee knows or can take on this mission. He has the skills and autonomy required for the type of allocation concerned
– He has the means to carry out this mission: Tools, infrastructure time…
– He wants this mission: he shows his will to take the mission. Otherwise, do not entrust any significant allocation
– He has the necessary and sufficient information: Who, when, where, what, how, why.
– He has successfully negotiated his mission with you: the negotiation indicates the non-submitted commitment of the employee
– He has given his consent: He has expressed his agreement in writing or verbally, (otherwise it is very unlikely that the task will be carried out)

Team building idea

Focus on leadership: the locomotive feeling the delegation, the power
In an empty room of furniture, make one or more groups of 10 to 12 people.
– A person designates himself to guide, to be the locomotive, he can choose the 2 people who will be behind him, the others stand behind in a line. Everyone ties the chain by placing their hands on the shoulders of the one in front of them.
– Once the wagons are hooked up, the locomotive can move through space.
– The locomotive is free to slow down or speed up the pace, to turn backwards…
– Then when he feels it (or agrees on a time beforehand), he stops and leaves his place of leader to another participant.
– Debriefing, how everyone experienced the place of leader, how everyone experienced their role as followers. Make the connection with work experience.

Take care of yourself

Meditation, any form of attitude or activity that allows you to clear your mind is beneficial, creating a vacuum allows you to make room for ideas, solutions, decision-making without fear or interest. A decision connected to the other dimensions of the company, is a fair decision, aligned:
– mindfulness meditation
– active mediations
– walking
– nature
– yoga

The key to this dimension lies in self-confidence and in life. It’s an adjusted confidence that is not the confidence of the narcissistic ego who wants to be right but a serene trust in life, in others. Confidence is a positive view of possibilities.
You look with honesty at what agitates your action and how you relate to the other dimensions and especially that of the mission.

Looking at yourself allows you to see if you are acting out of excess of egotism (success, success, competition, being right, being the best) in which case you run the risk of a violent setback (examples are many great business leaders whose ego blindness has brutally changed their lives (Carlos Ghosn, Jean-Marie Messier, etc.)

Conversely, you may be under the influence of injunctions inherited from your past, your education, your culture, your family heritage… Like a rubber band that prevents you from moving forward, you may find yourself paralyzed by beliefs, guilts, all forms of inhibiting thoughts that are not you.

It is this introspective look that you can do alone or accompanied by a mentor, a coach, a specialist… which allows you to be centered, balanced.

How can taking care of yourself help your business?

The dimension of action is at the center of the company, and it is the leader who holds the steering wheel of the company. The leader must be centered, balanced, aware of his actions and the impact of his decisions. To be centered does not mean to be closed in on oneself, to act for oneself, that is the ego. To be centered is to be open, listening to oneself in awareness of the impact of one’s actions.

Sitting in a serene posture of trust allows the other to express themselves, to develop, to dare, to do, to follow, it is modeling, stimulating.

The more you take care of yourself, the more you are aware of your impact on others, on your environment, and the more you are able to act, share, move forward with the collective of your company towards success and abundance. nourishing for everyone.
Your business is the mirror of your being.

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The Solar Plexus Chakra: Take Care of the Action Dimension

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