the Morphée and Mon Petit Morphée boxes on sale!

Cyber ​​Monday is the last straight line to do good business! If you have trouble relaxing or getting a good night’s restful sleep, the Morphee meditation and sophrology box may be the solution. Good news, it is currently on sale!

After great promotions during Black Friday, whether on beauty with offers on mascaraon jewelry with great discounts at Histoire d’Or or on childcare with bottle warmers at bargain prices, it’s Cyber ​​Monday time! Yes, the exceptional offers continue even today. This is the perfect opportunity to have fun but also to do good.

If you find it difficult to relax or your nights are restless, we may have the solution for you! Some time ago, we introduced you the Morphée Box that we tested. More than a favourite, it was our little revolution of the year! And for good reason, this pretty sophrology meditation box has been able to plunge us into a deep sleep for truly restorative nights. Today, for Cyber ​​Monday, it is on sale on Amazon! In effect, its price increases to €64.96 instead of €77a discount of – 16% and a significant saving of 12 €.

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The Morpheus meditation box is designed to help you fall asleep more quickly and easily. She guarantees you deep sleep with her audio mediation and sophrology sessions. It works without a smartphone or mobile app. Thus, exit the screens and the waves for a better sleep, much more restorative. It contains no less than 210 audio sessions, divided into 8 themes (body scan, breathing, movement, visualization, cardiac coherence, nap, relaxing music and nature sounds). Morphée offers 100 trial nights to try it out! It would be a shame not to try the experiment!

>> Take advantage of the offer on the Morphée meditation box

And since the little ones also need a good night’s sleep, Morphée also offers a box for the little ones. If the original can be used from 10 years old, My Little Morpheus is the ideal solution for children from 3 years old! This meditation and sophrology box is also at a reduced price since it is now displayed at €64.90 instead of €79.95i.e. a discount of -19% and a saving of €15.

Mon Petit Morphée works like the Morphée box but it is designed for the little ones. The latter will be able to fall asleep peacefully thanks to 128 soothing stories, 32 guided meditations, 16 relaxing music as well as 16 nature sounds (cat purring, sound of the sea, fireplace…) to promote relaxation, relaxation but also concentration. This box is wireless and does not require a connection in order to accompany your child everywhere!

>> Take advantage of the offer on Mon Petit Morphée

And to find even more offers on beauty, childcare, fashion and many other worlds, discover all our good plans for Cyber ​​Monday 2022!

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the Morphée and Mon Petit Morphée boxes on sale!

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