The almost investigation: but where do the Wolves spend their holidays?

Now that the NBA season is over, it’s vacation time! Great League players still have a few weeks off free time in front of them to take it easy in the sun, have a shovelful of cocktails… or not. Hey, it’s true that everyone has their own definition of the word “holiday”, so for you the editorial staff of TrashTalk looked for where the members of the Wolves decided to escape. And yes, the time has come for the wolves to leave the woods to rest a little. Follow us, we’ll take you to their new lairs.

NB: these destinations are most often imaginary and have the sole purpose of making you smile, even if they are sometimes based on the real holidays of the players mentioned.

D’Angelo Russell

Have you ever wondered where the famous celebration comes from? Ice in my veins » of D-Loading? Look no further, the explanation is simple. It has now become a ritual since his arrival in the Great League, D’Angelo Russell takes advantage of each cut to isolate himself in the depths of Finland. Once there, the wolf devotes himself to an ancestral practice: meditation under a waterfall of frozen water. No wonder the guy is cold-blooded as ice.

Karl Anthony Towns

Karl-Anthony Towns may be 2m11 for 112kg, the pivot has no say when preparing for the holidays. No, at home, Jordyn is in charge and no one else. For the NBA star couple, it will be a road trip across Europe. London, Paris or Amsterdam, you can count on KAT to make the most of it. Pay attention to the cheat meal still Karlos, you have a big season to prepare!

Rudy Gobert

For the first time since his arrival in the NBA, Rudy Gobert will spend his vacation with a jersey other than that of the Jazz on his shoulders. And yes, Gobzilla is now a Wolf and to celebrate, it’s vacation with friends, heading to Los Angeles. However, you begin to know the animal, and there is no question for him to keep twiddling his (huge) thumbs. No for Rudy, the season has already started and the triple DPOY intends to stay in shape to attack the regular as it should.

Naz Reid

You may not know it, but Naz Reid is an artist at heart. And yes, “Hollywood Naz” is a huge fan of drawing and even has a nice pencil stroke. To find inspiration, the interior flew to Cuba and Havana. Rum, cigars and sketches of all kinds, a busy program awaits our young wolf. Be careful though with the dosages man, we wouldn’t want to find you Reid dead. Sorry for the pun, it was really Naz. Shit, we really need to calm down here.

Anthony Edwards

After climbing all of the Great League interiors, Anthony Edwards finally decided to go down a bit. Zou, Ant-Man puts on his best floral shorts and heads to Hawaii. Surfing and grilling on the beach are on the program, to the delight of our rear always in search of things to climb. More pivot of 2m10 in sight? Either, the Hawaiian waves will do for now. Don’t forget to wet your neck before you jump, Anthony!

Kyle Anderson

The suitcases have barely been put down and Kyle Anderson is already off to rest. The new Wolf has a vacation home in New Jersey and he intends to enjoy it. Well, the destination is not the sexiest we grant you, but isn’t it finally in the image of its owner? Not the flashiest, but still very effective. Anyway, Kyle doesn’t care, what he wants is a garden and a swimming pool to be able to relax quietly under the New Jersey sun.

austin rivers

And bim, yet another new wolf in the pack. Good friend Austin is still starting to have a great experience of the offseasons in the NBA. For him, this year it will be a family vacation. And when we say family, we’re not talking about Aunt Odette and Grandpa Paul. No, no, really not that kind of family. Aim instead on the sofa: Dell, Steph and Seth Curry, Damion Lee, Doc Rivers and therefore his son Austin. The coolest sofa in the world for a house that looks like a pick-up game, which, no doubt, will have some nice games after dark.

Bryn Forbes

NBA champion in 2021, Bryn Forbes has been taking it easy ever since. For the sniper from Minnesota, this year, it’s direction Zanzibar, Tanzania. The two sons in the suitcases and Bryn goes to take his troupe in contact with the animal kingdom. Giant safari and ride with dolphins, the program is quite nice. Besides, Brynou, wouldn’t there be a few places left in the suitcase?

Taurean Prince

On vacation after a nice season, Taurean could well meet another Prince this summer. And yes, the winger is flying to Monaco to chill on Le Rocher. Finally chill, the word is quickly said since TP (my eyes are bleeding) has organized a small training session with Mike James. This year, it’s said, the Timberwolves will be competitive and Taurean intends to be part of it. No time to lose for him!

Jaden McDaniels

After a season spent defending the racket like his life depended on it, Jaden McDaniels has decided to take some time off. Head to mom and dad’s country house with the bro Jalen. This summer, it’s back in time for the two brothers. One against one in the garden, Play evenings and pancakes for tea, the McDaniels bro are back in 2010 and it’s mom who is starting to get nostalgic.

So which program excites you the most? Here, we would go for a ride at Austin Rivers and all his gaggle. And at worst, if no one opens the door, we go to the McDaniels. And knock, in your face Austin. In any case, we go back to slump in the sun while waiting for the next investigation. Hi !

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The almost investigation: but where do the Wolves spend their holidays?

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