The 5 tools you need to succeed, according to Harvard

Everyone will tell you, success requires certain tools. And we are not talking here about screwdrivers or pliers, but about emotional tools, intelligence and humanity, which will be of great help to you in achieving your goals.

Those who manage to thrive at work, in their careers or on a personal level, are of course those who understand that it is necessary to work hard, to never give up and to learn from their mistakes, but also those who know that, to get there, it is necessary to have certain skills and know some key elements that help to better manage stress, rejection and problems that arise.

The Success Tools You Need According to Harvard

According to the article of Harvard Businessa study conducted by the university has identified certain “core capabilities” that are the best tools for anyone to succeed in anything they do.

Ability to plan

This consists of learning to establish priorities, to distribute your day and your tasks in such a way as to be sure of being able to accomplish them all, by proceeding in small steps until you have reached your objective. Having a clear plan avoids feeling overwhelmed by the number of things to do, but it is also essential to not forget anything, to know where to start, how to continue and even to have the right reaction when everything does not go as you wish and that you need backup or try another solution.


It’s about being focused and keeping your eyes in the right place, without getting distracted by outside noises. This does not mean being blind to what is happening around you, but having a clear objective and not losing sight of it. You can achieve this by doing small reviews on a regular basis, to make sure you understand what you need to do and what goal you are trying to achieve.

Being able to control yourself

The ability to control yourself is fundamental: it will prevent you from exploding when you are angry, from throwing in the towel when things do not go perfectly, and from better managing your emotions and your stress. For this, it is good to use meditation and stress management techniques. Avoid neglecting your emotions and sensations, this will only tire you, frustrate you, exhaust you and blow you up in the worst possible way.


Raising awareness also means being informed, paying attention to what is happening, and to your role.

You will never achieve anything if you are not aware of things, if you do not pay attention to how all the processes work and what you can and cannot control or change. This awareness is essential for you to plan better and find the most efficient way to develop your ideas.

For example, you need to be aware of how your muscles work and what they need to grow and gain strength, otherwise you risk training for hours and hours without any results.

mental flexibility

It’s about not clinging to an idea, but being willing to change your mind, adapt and try new things. It’s about knowing that no one is perfect and that you can always learn new things and improve your knowledge.

Mental flexibility will help you react better to problems as they arise, change your plans to suit real needs, and even maintain an open line of communication, which is important in work, relationships, friendship and Moreover.

Bonus: soft skills

Finally, LinkedIn explains that experts (from Harvard, Stanford and other universities) say that soft skills are very important for success: communication, organization, creativity and teamwork. These skills are difficult to acquire, but they are the ones that are most useful, and give value to the most technical skills.

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The 5 tools you need to succeed, according to Harvard

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