The 5 feel good tips to start the day off right!

After a night’s sleep, no matter how long or short, it’s not always easy to get up with motivation and energy on Monday morning. However, there are some simple tips to put in place in your daily life in order to get the upper hand on this beginning of the week. We tell you more.

Monday morning is usually not a cakewalk. And if the weekend was rich in events, fatigue is often at the rendezvous. It is therefore useless to put pressure on yourself to start the week. Better to bet on the adage “slowly, but surely” to apprehend this day which, if you follow our advice, will take place without the shadow of an annoyance!

Tip #1: Wake up gently

To start the week off right, avoid unnecessary stress. After the alarm clock, which we will preferably choose soft and catchy, we take a few minutes for ourselves with long breaths. We stay in our bubble, fleeing notifications from social networks and the bursts of messages received during the night. It will be time to get back to the screens later today.

If you feel like it, you can even let yourself be tempted by a little meditation. Out of bed, after a night on an empty stomach, we put on a large glass of water to cool off and rehydrate our body.

Tip #2: activate your body

After taking the time to wake up, it’s time to stimulate your body with a little yoga session. Once your carpet has been rolled out, you turn on your favorite playlist and off you go for a few “upward facing dog”, “downward facing dog”. If the movements activate the muscles, the breaths allow you to start the day with a relaxed mind. Starting the week with this activity is the best way to feel good, fulfilled and anchored in this new adventure.

Tip n°3: refuel with a vitamin-packed breakfast

Nothing better than a good breakfast to start the day. After a sports activity, it is essential to refuel with a balanced and comforting meal. The solution ? Concoct a super bowl with the best recipe, tested and approved:

  • Special K chocolate granola
  • A few spoonfuls of fromage blanc
  • Cut fruits: banana and strawberries, our favorite combo

We then arrange everything in beautiful crockery, for a moment that combines well-being and pleasure. The ideal is to accompany this breakfast with a hot drink or smoothie. A tea, a coffee or a matcha latte, it’s up to you to choose your favourite!

Tip #4: Take care of yourself

To feel good throughout the day, going through the beauty routine box is essential. Make-up is optional, however the skincare step is essential. This morning meeting allows you to create a reassuring cocoon, a moment suspended only to yourself before facing the hustle and bustle. If you like to venture into testing new products, it is better to reserve your Monday for safe bets. We therefore opt for skincare products that we know and appreciate for their benefits, their smells and of course, their results on our skin.

On the outfit side, it’s the same. “Comfort is the best”. We choose timeless pieces from our wardrobe that match with everything: jeans, a t-shirt and a cool little jacket to add a touch of elegance to the look and tread the cobblestones in total confidence.

Tip n°5: leave without running

Before taking the metro, bus or car to work, take the time to take a short walk. No need to fix the legendary 10,000 steps from 9 a.m., once again, we forget the pressure, and we stroll for a few moments.

By dint of being always in a hurry, we often miss out on the little pleasures of life that can reside in simple things, such as observing the surrounding landscapes, the architecture of buildings, or even enjoying the rays of the sun. that caress our skin.

You now have all the tips to start the week off right!

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The 5 feel good tips to start the day off right!

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