Temple stay, “Journey in search of self” KOREAN BUDDHIST ASSOCIATION KILSANGSA, May 21, 2022, TORCY.

From Saturday May 21, 2022 to Saturday June 25, 2022:
from 11:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
. free Consult the registration procedure on our website
As part of “Taste Korea! 2022”, the Korean Buddhist Association Kilsangsa, in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Center, organizes a program of short retreats entitled “Journey in search of the self”, a highlight to experience the monastic life of a Buddhist temple.’

Lasting 5 to 6 hours, this program will include a monastic lunch, a time of meditation taking the form of a soothing walk on the banks of the Marne, a session of sitting meditation and yoga. A tea ceremony as well as a short collective cleaning of the reception areas will close this unique group experience, the silence observed throughout this retreat helping each participant to plunge back into themselves and achieve serenity. ‘

In the company of Venerable Hyewon, superior of the Kilsangsa temple, this time of discovery or rediscovery of the monastic culture of Korean Buddhist temples will lead you on the path of finding your true nature.


11:15 a.m.: Welcome and distribution of comfortable clothes and change
11:45 a.m.: Presentation of the program for the day
12 p.m.: Sharing of the monastic meal
1 p.m.: Walking meditation on the banks of the Marne
2:30 p.m.: Seated meditation and yoga
3:30 p.m.: Tea ceremony
4:30 p.m.: Collective cleaning
5 p.m.: End of the retreat

Registration method
Please fill in the attached registration form. (click here to download the form) and return it by email to the Korean Buddhist Association Kilsangsa: torcy124@gmail.com

* Participation in the program is free.
* The number of people per session is limited to 12.
* Cutlery for the monastic meal as well as comfortable clothing will be provided on site.
* Participants are requested to arrive no later than 11:30 a.m.
Ordained in 1996 in the Jogye order – the main order of Korean Buddhism – and holder of a Research Master 2 in Korean Buddhism at the Korean Studies Section of Paris-Diderot University, Master Hyewon is the current head of the Korean Buddhist Association Kilsangsa. He has resided in France since 2006 and, as head of the Korean Buddhist Association, assumes the moral and spiritual support of Koreans residing in France while helping them to better integrate into French society.

Through the various activities he has undertaken within the Association and his work as a spiritual advisor to people suffering from family or social problems, he is committed to helping people live their daily lives in peace and harmony. harmony. Although the main beneficiaries of these activities are generally Koreans residing in France, these activities remain open to all audiences without distinction of religious denomination or nationality, the aim being that the headquarters of the Korean Buddhist Association be a place of meeting and bringing together different communities living together within French society.


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