TAPA, the Vinted of objects arrives in Belgium

Do you need a sander for a renovation, a bike for a ride or even a bouncy castle for your toddler’s birthday? Do not search anymore ! Today, just as you rent your house, car or clothes, it is now possible to rent objects of all kinds. TAPA is a 100% Belgian platform run by two Brussels residents who were keen to find a place where it was possible to borrow a property without actually buying it. This is how they came up with the idea of ​​creating a platform that would make it possible to rent objects.

In video, how to reduce your waste:

The concept ?

No more seeing your attic accumulating a lot of objects without them ever being used, TAPA now allows you to rent them out when they are not in use. It is not only a question of renting a mower, a brushcutter or a wheelbarrow, since TAPA targets absolutely all audiences, from the youngest to the oldest.

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How it works ?

If you are an owner, the platform is a kind of Vinted specializing in the rental of objects: you post your ad with a short description and all you have to do is wait for a potential interested tenant. If you are looking to rent items, nothing could be simpler, just go to the platform and here you have several options: either you search by filter by selecting the type of object you want, or you search for what is near you via the interactive map. Among the categories represented, we find sports equipment, camping, multimedia, musical instruments or even a van, or a trailer for those who should exceptionally need it, but who do not wish to buy it. On each ad, we find the daily rental price, and the name of the owner. In a few clicks, you can reserve an object by indicating the period during which you wish to rent the object in question and then you only have to recover it. Easy as pie.

Why is this a good idea?

Because we are not all lucky enough to have neighbors to rely on and who have a lot of odds and ends to lend us and because renting also allows us to avoid falling into overconsumption: today today, we no longer want to own objects that we may use once a year and clutter up our cupboards, but it is not always easy to find reliable alternatives. TAPA has a verification system to guarantee the reliability of the objects and in case of dispute, a meditation team is available. What largely reassure the most reluctant.

For who ?

Anyone who would like to make a contribution to this collaborative economy system, but also for those who do not have the space to store and who are looking for specific objects (there is even a Kayak for rent, is to say how much it is possible to unearth anything…)

To rent objects or put them up for rent, it’s here.

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TAPA, the Vinted of objects arrives in Belgium

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