Tailor-made offices for neovision

To this end, it chooses to call on the company Opale Décoration for the second time to design a layout and decoration in the image of the company and its employees. neo vision had the ambition to convey strong values ​​around well-being and technology, which is why the spaces have been designed to harmoniously coexist with the brand’s policies within its premises.

Decoration at the service of the company and the occupants

Beyond the purely decorative aspect, a reflection was carried out to imagine the places as a reflection of the neovision philosophy.

1– Enhance the employer brand and create a link

The reception, decorated in the colors of the brand, opens onto a convivial space of 50 m2. Designed as a hybrid place, it includes a functional and designer open kitchen, large tables that can accommodate all employees in a warm atmosphere, but also high seats to chat as a duo and a more cozy corner including a sofa and armchairs to take a break and relax.

On the wall, an imposing logo in relief makes it possible to identify the places at a glance and harmonizes perfectly with the colors of the charter present in the selected furniture. Opposite the logo, a wall plant installation was created to bring a touch of greenery and remind employees of their commitment to environmental issues.

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2 – Motivate, communicate, give meaning

To dress the walls of the open-space, giant stickers have been imagined using elements of the charter and recalling the company’s convictions through the display of keywords. These decorations convey a strong message to employees and visitors.

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In the corner dedicated to games and discussion boxes, gaming posters and reproductions of images from artificial intelligence have been installed to give meaning to the decoration.

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In all the premises, objects have been exhibited to echo the geek culture of the employees and bring a touch of humor.

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The meeting rooms display large posters of infographics produced by the company to inform customers and visitors as they pass by and challenge them.

An ingenious way to exploit the work already done by the company in the heart of the offices and to invite discussion around their activity.

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The rest room introduces you to meditation with suitable furniture and an adjustable-intensity speaker lamp.
The bathroom, essential to allow employees to practice a sporting activity during break times, is also personalized to mark continuity with all the premises.

3 – Comfort, ergonomics and confidentiality

A large part of the furniture selected by the decorator is professional in order to meet the required requirements and to obtain durable quality elements.

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To allow occupants to store their belongings safely, an imposing locker unit in the company’s colors is available at the entrance.

To offer developers the possibility of adapting their posture, sit/stand bench desks have been selected.

The seats also offer several options to increase user comfort. In order to increase the acoustics of the open-space, personalized separator panels have been installed between the employees.

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Each space has lockable cabinets to secure company data.
In meeting rooms, suitable furniture optimizes the passage of cables and provides long-lasting seating comfort for the occupants.

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Get to know neovision better

The neovision company specializes in artificial intelligence. It helps companies to innovate thanks to the latest technologies in deep learning and image analysis in order to optimize processes in companies or to create new products or services thanks to artificial intelligence.

The decorator’s word

“Each decorative element has been designed for a specific purpose: to provide added value for the company, the employee or the visitor. For this to work, professional decoration must be imagined far beyond the purely aesthetic aspect.”

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Tailor-made offices for neovision

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