Summer 2022: here are 10 original podcasts to listen to on the road to vacation

SHE debriefs

If you thought you knew everything about your favorite people, you don’t. Every two weeks, journalists Élodie Petit and Élisa Casson give you a fresh look at the news of a celebrity. On the program: analyses, quizzes, debates and much more.

Against evening

In top France Podcast for several weeks already, this podcast is to listen to as soon as possible. Influencer/content creator/youtuber Anna RVR now wears a new hat for our greatest happiness: podcaster. Twice a month, the youngster offers refreshing episodes on her love life, her relationship with sport, independence and self-transcendence, including gray days, the days when things are not going so well. His honesty and his humor make us feel like a discussion with a friend who is always welcome.


Bruno Solo in Cafe Camera or Véronique Genest in Julie Lescaut. Behind the microphone, iconic television actors and actresses look back on the role that revealed them or breathed new life into their careers.

behind the tweet

In each episode, Anouk Perry invites these women and men who hide behind a tweet. She looks back on their lives and the significant or moving events that led them to share their experiences with thousands of people on the social network.

No salads!

Many preconceived ideas about food have been circulating in recent years. To disentangle the true from the false, Myrian Loriol analyzes, with his keen eye of a former doctor in pharmacy, the latest studies on nutrition and popularizes them.

Hear Oh Yeah

Far from boring and off-putting school lessons, Manon Bril and Alex Ramirès revisit History with humour. What to learn while having a little fun with guest experts. Conspiracy theories, the history of swimsuits, forbidden fruits, pirates… Discover history like you’ve never read it before in school textbooks.

Broken Fates

Dalida, Jean-Luc Delarue, Jacques Martin… All these celebrities have one thing in common: they have gone from light to shadow. Through moving testimonies and unpublished documents, each episode immerses us a little in the life of these personalities who have gone from glory to tragedy.

Now you know

We are continually invaded by a flood of information. By being aware of everything, you end up being aware of nothing. This podcast offers you to understand what is hidden behind the words, concepts or even acronyms that make our news. Tourist quotas, hate watching, rape culture and much more are to be discovered.

Oh yeah ?

You have probably already wondered why sea water is salty but not that of rivers or how to minimize the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes. Well, in just 1 min, every day except weekends, Florian Gazan answers the existential questions that have already crossed our minds. Futile knowledge but which can make you shine at the next lunch with friends.

Also to discover: Meditation, sophrology… Podcasts to feel good

Let’s live happily before the end of the world

How to live in a world in full social and ecological crisis. Delphine Saltel explores each month the inconsistencies and possible solutions to another world. Reports and interviews with researchers and activists awaken our conscience and alert us: the urgency is indeed there. From love to parenthood, through ecology and work, the journalist offers the keys to a sustainable world.

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Summer 2022: here are 10 original podcasts to listen to on the road to vacation

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