Stomach ache: here are 9 natural tips to avoid it

Often mild, stomach aches do cause pain and discomfort. Fortunately, it is possible to reduce them by modifying certain gestures or consumption habits.

Stomach aches are disorders that occur more or less punctually.

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They can appear as cramps and/or burning. These gastritis can be accompanied by acid reflux (GERD), nausea, bloating, belching, but also hiccups. The pain can also spread behind the sternum, or even go up into the throat. Moreover, this health problem is increased tenfold if one practices a physical effort or if one puts oneself in lying position.

Heartburn can be occasional, and occur especially after a heavy meal rich in fat, or be chronic. They are also more common in people aged over 50 years old.

In any case, it is recommended to consult your general practitioner when stomach aches become recurrent.

The causes of stomach pain

The cramps and burns that affect this organ of the abdomen have various origins.

They can come from:

  • Certain foods, such as spicy dishes or high in fat.
  • From a consumption ofalcohol or tobacco.
  • From taking certain medicationssuch as anti-inflammatories.
  • From stress.
  • From an overproduction of gastric juices.
  • From a particular pressure exerted on this organ, which happens in particular in case of pregnancy or overweight.
  • Specific pathologies, such as peptic ulcer disease.

The stomach ache are common disorders, often benign. It is nevertheless necessary to consult your doctor when they become frequent. It is possible to avoid their appearance by adapting certain habits in our daily lives.

This slideshow presents 9 ways to naturally prevent stomach aches.

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Stomach ache: here are 9 natural tips to avoid it

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