Spirotherapy: what is this breathing technique that allows (among other things) to better digest?

A method based on breathing techniques derived (in particular) from yoga, spirotherapy improves well-being and oxygenation, calms down or regains energy… we tell you all about this simple and powerful technique. .

As we know, breathing is at the heart of life, and accompanies us “from our first to our last breath.” However, even if we sometimes become aware of its brutal accelerations in the event of stress or anxiety, learning to calm it down and above all slow it down is rarely part of the habits of life. This is why Samuel Ganes, yoga and meditation instructor, Ayurvedic therapist and sophrologist, developed a few years ago spirotherapy, a “breath therapy” located at the crossroads of many currents.

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Complete breathing work to feel good (and feel good!) right away, and, if you practice regularly, over the long term. If some breathing techniques are very old (some come from the Vedic culture, in India, and date back several centuries), others such as cardiac coherence or the Afghan walk are recent… All are accompanied by cleansing rituals , an adapted body posture, a method for counting cycles and… training!

What are the benefits of spirotherapy?

  • Better digestion. Breathing deeply uses the diaphragm (often blocked in the event of stress) whose movements (it descends on inspiration and rises on expiration) massage the viscera. The vagus nerve (which facilitates digestion) is also stimulated when breaths are dynamic or audible, which improves intestinal peristalsis and regulates transit. The abdomen is also less tense, relaxed and released by the exercises.
  • A good sleep. More serenity, release of bodily tension, better oxygenation, less emotional fluctuations and stress… it also means better sleep and better quality of sleep!
  • More calm. Slowing down the breathing puts the body in decrescendo (the heart rate decreases) and slows down the flow of the mind by activating the parasympathetic system: anxiety or incessant questions evaporate, the mind becomes calmer and more serene and more focused . Ideal for increasing your relaxation, but also, if necessary, your vigilance to better “focus”.
  • Increased vitality. The better the oxygenation when inhaling, the greater the energy since the organs and cells benefit from the flow of oxygen. The deep and ample expiration purifies by allowing the proper elimination of CO2 and toxins: for the body, it is a real benefit, quickly visible when you practice regularly.

Two breaths to try

To calm down: chandra bhedi. Sitting cross-legged, in lotus position or on your knees, stomach and back slightly engaged, pelvis straight (not retroverted), shoulders rolled slightly backwards, chest open, hands on the thighs, neck straight, head in line with the spine, eyes closed. Block the right nostril with the thumb. Inhale slowly and deeply through the left nostril. Block the left nostril with the ring finger, block the breath and contract the perineum. Exhale by releasing the right nostril (the left remains closed), then close the right nostril and open the left nostril to inhale… Do 3 to 6 cycles.

To boost energy and detox : nauli (to clean the belly). Standing, legs apart from the opening of the hips, feet open and knees bent, hands resting on the thighs, fingers towards the inside of the thighs, eyes open. Inhale through your nose looking ahead. Immediately exhale vigorously through your mouth, until your lungs are empty, while lowering your head; by rolling up the back, bending the front of the body by resting on the hands. In suspension with empty lungs, bring in your stomach and stay like this for a few seconds. When you feel the need to, catch your breath as you straighten up. Find natural breathing and start again. Do a set of 3 to 5.

Our expert: Samuel Ganes, yoga and meditation instructor, Ayurvedic therapist and sophrologist.

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Spirotherapy: what is this breathing technique that allows (among other things) to better digest?

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