Sleep: this magic and ultra simple trick to fight against insomnia, according to a doctor

A majority of French people admit to having already suffered from sleep disorders. It’s very annoying, especially when you have a busy day the next day. Not being able to sleep irritates, stresses, can put us in all our states. Several solutions exist to find the arms of Morpheus. But on TikTok, a doctor gives us a solution. According to him, the bed should be reserved for sleep. We will explain everything to you.

Getting back to sleep more easily

It was doctor Karan Raj who gave this advice on the successful social network TikTok. For him, most people who suffer from sleep disorders have, over time, made their bodies understand that the bed is not a place to sleep. ” You accidentally trained your body to associate your bed with being awake. You do things in bed that excite you: watch Netflix, scroll your phone, work, even eat“. Do you wonder how you can be so tired during the day, but can’t sleep at night? That’s probably why.

His advice is this. If after thirty minutes you cannot sleep, leave your room, leave your bed. Go to another room or another area of ​​your apartment. And just wait for sleep to return on its own. According to him, it is useful for break the association between your bed and feeling restless“.

Similarly, to feel less tired in the morning, get up as soon as you wake up. Don’t lie in bed, don’t eat breakfast in bed. Your body feels like it’s still in bed and therefore still asleep.

Other tips for getting back to sleep

We don’t teach you anything, but screens are not recommended for getting to sleep. Try to get away from it, at least an hour before going to bed. Before going to sleep, once your evening movie is over and your toilet is done, choose a book instead, do some meditation… The goal is to adopt this nasty habit: that of using your phone as the last action of the day… before using it the next day as the first action of the day. However, the screens tire the eyes, but do not help to find sleep. At least consider putting a blue light filter on your phone to rest your eyes.

Sleep disturbances often bother us the most in the summer. This is logical since the body must cool down to fall asleep. However, the hotter it is in our country, the more difficult it is for the body to lose the 0.5 degrees it must lose to find sleep. Put your pillow in the fridge before going to bed to enjoy its coolness, sleep with wet pajamas, soak your feet in cold water… These are tips that can help you fall asleep.

Get rid of doomscrolling

The invention of the word dates back to the year 2018. A few years ago, this habit did not exist. Better yet, it couldn’t exist. Let’s start by deciphering the word itself. The word ‘doom’ means both ‘loss’ and to be ‘doomed’. As for scrolling, it refers to the idea of ​​scrolling through images or videos on a screen mechanically, without thinking. Behind doomscrolling therefore hides the idea of ​​spending too much time in front of the screens, without having a specific goal, without having gone in search of information. It consists of simply being on your screen. We told you, you are concerned, just like us.

The consequences on sleep are real since the influx of information, sometimes frightening, plays a logical role on the quality some sleep. Quite simply, because these information can cause anxiety. However, stress and anxieties do not help sleep to come. On the contrary. However, and we know, fatigue and lack of sleep play a major role in our health. All the ailments related to lack of sleep can occur: anxiety, irritability, digestive disorder…

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Sleep: this magic and ultra simple trick to fight against insomnia, according to a doctor

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