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Posted Nov 18, 2022 6:04 AM

Contemporary dance

The Espace des Arts, Chalon-sur-Saône

The trance of dance began this week at the Espace des arts in Chalon thanks to the Transdanses which invite, as every autumn, the best of the contemporary scene. To pick from the rich program, the Portuguese choreographer Marco Da Silva this Friday who revisits folk dances through the prism of urban dances and clubbing, or even a muscular evening, this Saturday, with Marine Colard who invites the frenzy of sports commentaries on scene as well as a dancer and a boxer for a feverish clinch. Other shows are scheduled until November 25.

Le Goncourt from the pages to the plate

Drouant, Paris

New literary snobbery: until now exclusively reserved for members of the Académie Goncourt, the sacrosanct menu served during the deliberation of the mythical prize is offered at the “vulgum pecus” until December 15. The restaurant has available to its customers a few copies of “Vivre vite” by Brigitte Giraud, winner of the year, for once we read at the table!

Yves Klein, “Blue Earth Globe” (RP 7), 1957.© Estate of Yves Klein c/o ADAGP, Paris, 2022

Life in blue (but not only…)

Hotel de Caumont Reviews, Aix-en-Provence

There is blue, of course, in the exhibition that the Hôtel de Caumont is devoting to Yves Klein. How can you miss the iconic IKB which has made the Niçois famous all over the world? But it would be simplistic to stop there and, among the sixty works on offer, we enjoy his “fire paintings” which he produced using a flamethrower. We also rediscover his performances, in particular his “Anthropometries” for which he used the naked human body, often female, as a “living brush”. And one can only wonder about the evolution that this amazing artist would have known if he had not died prematurely at the age of 34… Until March 26, 2023.

What industry tomorrow?

City of science and industry, Paris

Is industry a threat to humans or a solution to ecological problems? Conferences, screenings and shows bringing together industrialists, philosophers and scientists put the cards on the table this weekend. Among the subjects that will be debated: can we really “green” the industry to make it eco-efficient (Saturday at 3 p.m.)? In the list of participatory workshops, we will crowd around the “Regenbox”, the first “non-rechargeable” alkaline battery charger (Friday 2 and 3 p.m.).

Erik Desmazières, “The Library of Babel”, 1998.

Erik Desmazières, “The Library of Babel”, 1998.© Raphaël Caussimon/ADAGP, Paris, 2022

The deconstructed architecture

Museum of Fine Arts, Nancy

The new exhibition at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Nancy, which begins this Saturday, explores the many paths taken by artists to make architecture “unreasonable”. Or how they succeed in making architectural creations poetic or anarchic, crazy or impossible, yet based on measurement. Among the guests, international figures of contemporary art (Wim Delvoye or Elmgreen & Dragset), eminent figures in the history of art (Jan Gossaert, Escher, Piranèse, Gustave Doré or Max Ernst) and names lesser known like Wendel Dietterlin, Bruno Taut or Carel Willink. All place architecture at the center of their creative approach and their visual universe. “Impossible Architectures”, until March 19, 2023.

water story

Marly Estate Museum, Yvelines

Why complain when it rains? The Musée du Domaine royal de Marly offers children the opportunity to consider rain from another angle than discomfort. On Sunday, a storyteller leads them into stories of water and rain based on works from the collections. We will also discover the past of this intimate residence of Louis XIV called “the water palace” thanks to his machine considered the eighth wonder of the world at the time, which pumped water from the Seine to supply the gardens of Marly and Versailles. Sunday at 10:45 a.m. For ages 5-11.

“Bicycle(s)” exhibition.

“Bicycle(s)” exhibition.© Gianluca Gimini

The return of the cycle

City of Design, Saint-Etienne

Cycling has never been more fashionable than in these times of expensive energy and awareness of climate change. The Cité du design invites us to discover more than 70 bicycles at the cutting edge of technology and design via an obvious exhibition in what was the historic capital of the cycle. And who is now working for the renaissance of cycling in Europe. La Manufacture du Cycle, Maison Tamboite, Cycles Victoire, Moustache, PechTregon… So many French brands displaying their products, determined to pedal hard so as not to miss out on this new market of gentle travel. Until 1er May 2023.

Piano madness

Different rooms, Paris

The second edition of the Pianomania festival will enchant, from November 18 to 22, various Parisian venues, from Pleyel to the Bouffes du Nord, from Marigny to the Athénée. The poster has something to arouse curiosity with on the program the talented songwriter Jamie Cullum, an unprecedented duet between Yaron Herman and Oxmo Puccino, but also a concert full of poetry bringing together the singer Ayo and the pianist Gaël Rakotondrabe.

Gonzague Dreux, “A stonecutter sculpting a royal fleur-de-lis”, circa 1946-1947.

Gonzague Dreux, “A stonecutter sculpting a royal fleur-de-lis”, circa 1946-1947.© Dreux family

Two castles, two continents

Chateau de Chambord, Loir-et-Cher

What similarities and contrasts between the City Palace of Udaipur in India and the Château de Chambord? This is what we discover by visiting the exhibition “Vie(s) de château(s) – A Tale of Two Palaces” which explores the two royal houses rich in five centuries of history through 150 unpublished photographs. The two castles were built from the XVIe century, only forty years apart. And they are, even today, two of the most visited historical monuments in the world. An astonishing “cousin” to discover until March 5, 2023.

Gévaudan, its beast and its artists…

Gévaudan Museum, Mende

After twenty-seven years of closure to the public and three years of work, the Gévaudan museum has just reopened its doors. With a fund of more than 16,000 pieces, this museum traces the history of Lozère, the former royal province of Gévaudan, from the first testimonies of life to the present day. Four hundred pieces from the collections are now visible and a fine arts space highlights Lozère artists such as Victorin Galière. And, of course, an entire room is devoted to the famous beast of Gévaudan, illustrated, in particular, by the work of contemporary artist Lionel Sabatté. What to sort out between myth and reality…

'The Champion', Atlantic Coast Line Railroad train, circa 1939.

‘The Champion’, Atlantic Coast Line Railroad train, circa 1939.© The Wolfsonian – Florida International University, Miami Beach, Florida/The Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. Collection/Lynton Gardiner

Decorative Arts, from America to Paris

City of architecture and heritage, Paris

How was Paris able to influence the architecture, decor, lifestyle and taste of North America in the 1920s? This second exhibition on Deco Arts, after that of 2013 (“1925. When Art Deco seduces the world”), looks back on the style of an era with the help of 350 works. An exhibition that tells the story of these transatlantic exchanges which will lead, for example, to the opening within the Château de Fontainebleau of a “School of Fine Arts” intended for future American musicians, painters, sculptors and architects.

Lili Barbery’s wellness pop-up

“Hotel de Crillon”, Paris

The Palace of Concorde gives carte blanche to Lili Barbery for a pop-up store under the sign of well-being. With these two days combining healthy indulgence, debate, signatures, meetings with creators in addition to a few workshops, the former journalist who has become a yoga and meditation teacher is helping to elevate well-being to the rank of an art of living and to erase the boundaries between disciplines. A discussion with oncologist Cloé Brami on Sunday at 10 a.m. on integrative health promises to be exciting. We will stay on Sunday until 6:30 p.m. for a “first class” meditation session.

It’s time to book

The Colbert Committee at the University of the Earth

Next Friday and Saturday, at Unesco, the University of the Earth and the Colbert Committee are joining forces for the first time in a plea in favor of sustainable luxury. On Friday, a dozen personalities from the sector, from Alain Baraton to Yann Arthus-Bertrand, will go on stage to tell their experience in this area, for the duration of an unprecedented “Live Magazine”. Make way for young people too: a dozen employees from major French houses will come to argue against received ideas. We will end Saturday, in style, with two debates: “Sobriety and prosperity: how to do better with less? » and « What transmissions for a world in transition? “. Listings on

The place

“Bomaye”, the burger in paradise

Pronounce “Bomayé”, which means winning in contemporary Africa. This new stop with a very “street food” atmosphere, to discover in the rue de Paradis, in Paris Xe, enhances the taste of the burger by putting Afro cuisine at the heart of the plate. Inspired by their trip to the continent, the two “globe-eaters” Camille Gozé and Laurent Kalala converted the American dish to traditional African recipes (mafé, chicken yassa, etc.), themselves adapted to the burger spirit and paired with a delicious brioche bun and 100% natural sauces. Add delicious sweet potato fries and you’re done!

Last chance !

Readings around the 100 years of Proust

This Friday, Marcel Proust would have been 100 years old. In parallel with the current exhibition at the BNF, which retains almost all of his manuscripts, Le 13e Art receives seven actors (Valérie Bonneton, Anny Duperey, Guillaume Gallienne, etc.), for a reading of excerpts from “La Recherche”. The Jean-Jacques Henner Museum presents a full reading, by Ivan Morane, of “Time Regained” from Friday 4 p.m., the exact time of his last breath.

And elsewhere

In New York, a museum for Broadway

Broadway now has its permanent museum. A place dedicated to this stronghold of New York musicals and plays, a true emblem of American culture but also representative of an entire industry. We go there to go back in time, from the first shows played in the Financial District to today. Time requires, the course is immersive and takes us in the footsteps of the “musicals” that made us dream like “West Side Story”, played for the first time in 1957. We will also take a look behind the scenes, to meet shadow jobs. A first temporary exhibition pays tribute to cartoonist Al Hirschfeld, known for his portraits of Broadway stars.

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Shows, exhibitions, outings: our weekend selection

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