Self-confidence: how can meditation boost it?

Shyness, complexes or lack of confidence are just the trees that hide the forest… They are in reality only the visible symptoms of a deeper problem: lack of self-confidence. To try to turn the tide and change your outlook on yourself, there are many solutions. Among them, meditation has proven itself.

What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence is a long process that evolves throughout our lives. From childhood, we build the foundations. The education we receive at the time and the living conditions in which we grow up will thus have an impact throughout our lives. Later, our painful experiences or what we consider to be failures will punctuate our journey and shape the more or less favorable image that we will have of ourselves.

However, this self-portrait that we draw is not immutable. It also happens that self-esteem and confidence fluctuate throughout our lives. It is even possible that they vary according to the situations or the environment in which one finds oneself (at work, in family, in couple, in public etc.). With a little effort, self-confidence can be restored through different processes like meditation, therapy or coaching.

What impact does lack of self-confidence have on us?

When we lack self-confidence, doubt, fear and lack of courage are instilled in all our decisions. We then tend to forbid ourselves a whole host of things: applying for the job of our dreams, asking for a promotion or a raise, asserting our rights, reaching out to others, finding love, opening our hearts… So many self-imposed barriers in the name of a distorted self-image.

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Living with near nil self-confidence is like trying to move forward dragging a ball and chain weighing several hundred kilos. It’s exhausting and nearly impossible. It’s like having a kind of inner executioner explains Marianne Leenart, author of Passage ! My anti-cliché meditation book.

“Meditation made me realize how harsh and judgmental I could be with myself,” she explains. It’s as if you had someone next to you who constantly repeats to you “you suck, you won’t make it…”. It would be intolerable to have to put up with this from anyone, and it’s the same thing if it comes from oneself. Meditation helped me work on this constant self-criticism. I realized that we are naturally more compassionate towards others when we should start with ourselves. Over time, this practice has allowed me to take a more benevolent and tender look at myself. »

How can meditation boost self-confidence?

When you lack self-confidence, it can be intimidating to get into meditation. It’s like looking at yourself in a mirror for a long time when you are complexed by your appearance. Because contrary to a widespread idea that meditation consists of emptying your mind, it imposes on the contrary to confront all the thoughts that sweep your mind.

The good news, however, is that the idea is not to pass judgment on these thoughts, whether positive or negative. The objective is to let them scroll without examining them, in a total letting go. The opportunity to free ourselves from it while moving away from the ruminations that shape the negative image we have of ourselves.

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Meditate to make peace with your body

Claire Aujard, nutritionist and meditation instructor uses this method to help her patients reconnect with their bodies and better accept themselves.

Meditation does indeed serve to regain that self-esteem, she explains. Studies have shown that doing mindfulness meditation, reconnecting to your body’s cues, and feeling interosection (the ability to feel inside your body) promotes a positive self-image. We then see our body as an ally and no longer as an enemy. Having a more positive body image helps to take care of yourself and your body rather than being in a struggle. We will feed our body for its health and no longer to lose weight. We will take care of your body by putting it in motion, letting it rest when necessary, highlighting it in the way it dresses, etc. »

By learning to let go, meditation allows you to regain self-confidence.

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Self-confidence: how can meditation boost it?

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