RoundGlass Living’s Music for Wellbeing channel offers an enchanting visual experience to its subscribers

The art of movement deeply enhances music for app meditation and life

BELLEVUE, Wash., June 6, 2022 /CNW/ – RoundGlass Livingthe application created by RoundGlass, an international global wellness company dedicated to helping people take charge of their personal wellness journey, mixes movement art, 3D generative video, and 3D abstract modeling on its Music for Wellbeing to offer a unique experience in the journey towards personal well-being. RoundGlass’ skilled video team combines the visually appealing aspect of life and movement with music and sounds celebrated for their ability to create overall well-being.

The concept of pairing visuals with original musical compositions is new to the meditation industry, and RoundGlass is making it a reality through notated original compositions, sleep stories, and the art of cinematic movement. Algorithmically generated shapes, colors and patterns are created in 3D and combined with music for a hypnotic meditation experience.

“These breakthroughs in animation and visual technology have been part of the art world for quite some time. Nevertheless, combining therapeutic and cutting-edge properties with meditation is a new opportunity we are seizing for people seeking holistic wellness,” said Sunny Singhfounder of RoundGlass.

New soundscapes accented with whimsical and captivating motion art help subscribers manage conditions, such as stress, anxiety and sleep issues, and enhance their own meditation experience.

The RoundGlass Living video team created over 100 pieces of bespoke visual content to enhance the Music for Wellbeing channel.

To learn more, visit RoundGlass at Living.Round.Glass or follow the company on instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Subscribe to the channel Youtube or download the application in App Store Where Google Play.

About RoundGlass LivingWe are holistic wellness. RoundGlass Living is an application that aims to open up a joyful new universe of overall wellness for its users. Thanks to the knowledge and advice of the best teachers in the world, the company will accompany its users in their journey of well-being. Users can choose from a wide range of practice paths, such as meditation, yoga, healthy eating, and music, to achieve overall wellbeing. RoundGlass Living will provide its users with access to classes, workshops and live sessions, relevant articles, and wellness tools like a meditation timer and personalized reminders. Whether in response to everyday stress and anxiety, to manage difficult emotions, or to deal with grief, the app will help users live better and happier lives.

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RoundGlass Living’s Music for Wellbeing channel offers an enchanting visual experience to its subscribers

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