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Reese Witherspoon was set on the path to movie stardom by two movies: Revenge of a Blonde in 2001 and Election two years prior, where she played ambitious high schooler Tracy Flick, who clashes with her school’s social studies teacher (Matthew Broderick) in the middle of a school presidential election. The film was an arthouse success and an Oscar nominee, and with Revenge of a Blondeit established Witherspoon as a major young star.

Election was based on a novel by author Tom Perrotta, and earlier this year Perrotta actually released a sequel: Tracy Flick can’t win, which follows Tracy as a middle-aged woman. And now the novel is getting a film adaptation – with Reese Witherspoon set to reprise her role as Election.

Here is the official synopsis of Perrotta’s Tracy Flick can’t win novel:

Tracy Flick is a hard-working vice-principal at a public high school in suburban New Jersey. Still ambitious but feeling a little stuck and underappreciated in her 40s, Tracy receives good news when longtime manager Jack Weede abruptly announces his retirement, creating a rare opportunity for Tracy to rise to the top job. . Energized by the prospect of her long-awaited promotion, Tracy throws herself into her work with renewed zeal, determined to prove her worth to students, faculty and the school board, while managing her personal life – a girl of ten years, a doctor boyfriend in need, and a burgeoning meditation practice. But nothing ever comes easy to Tracy Flick, no matter how diligent or skilled she is. The determination of her male colleagues to honor Vito Falcone — a star quarterback of questionable character who had a brief, undistinguished career in the NFL — triggers memories for Tracy and causes her to reflect on the trajectory of her own life. As she considers the past, Tracy becomes aware of the storm clouds brewing in the present. Is she really a shoo-in for the main job? Is the superintendent plotting against her? Why is the school board president’s wife trying so hard to be his friend? And why can’t she ever get what she deserves?

In addition to Witherspoon, Election‘s director, Alexander Payne, and his writing partner, Jim Taylor, are both on board for this sequel, which will be made for the Paramount+ streaming service.

Obviously, Hollywood is doing way too many sequels these days. Nevertheless, it is an idea that has a lot of potential. In Election, Tracy was the young, energetic child whose attitude and worldview contrasted with Broderick’s cynical, depressed, middle-aged teacher. But what happens when the young and energetic child grows old and has his own disappointments? How has the world around Tracy — and her attitude toward ambitious women — changed since then? It’s the perfect setup for a sequel many years later.

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Reese Witherspoon To Star In ‘Election’ Sequel – Nifey

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