Putting the odds on your side to heal

Body and mind are inseparable

Our brain influences the triggering or healing of diseases, that’s for sure. The San Francisco Medical Center Research Institute has shown that body-mind approaches are effective in combating post-operative pain, migraines or chronic low back pain. Complementary techniques are often used to facilitate recovery and reduce the side effects of treatments, but also, sometimes, to cure or prevent recurrences. This is the case of acupuncture, in which the patient can only be considered as a whole, a complex system whose balance must be restored. “These days, for example, many people with long covid are relieved very well, testifies Dr. Robert Corvisier, acupuncturist. But I also happened to treat women who complained of recurrent cystitis, and a young girl who suffered from recurrent pancreatitis.“Some impressive examples of mental healing have left their mark. This is the case of this Tibetan lama, whose story has been scientifically attested. Only a very experienced practitioner can obtain such a result, which is why he now participates in research protocols.

The powers of visualization

Among the body-mind methods, hypnosis particularly uses the powers of the imagination. During a session, the practitioner suggests to his patient to imagine scenes that will change his way of seeing things and can lead the brain to release chemical substances capable of participating in healing. “The word leads to the emergence of an image, which will allow the person to feel their body differently.“, summarizes the psychologist and hypnotherapist Antoine Bioy.

hypnosis has been proven to fight against pain or depression, two parameters that play an important role in healing.

Some studies have even suggested that it can strengthen the body’s natural defenses. This phenomenon has, for example, been highlighted by American breast cancer researchers in a study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research. After having remained in the shadows for a long time, psycho-corporal therapies therefore finally benefit from legitimacy, including on the part of doctors. And you can now tell your GP that you do acupuncture or meditation…

Fight against stress

It’s no longer a secret that it increases the risk of almost all diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, and hinders healing. It all starts in the brain, with the release of neurotransmitters, messengers that trigger cascades of chemical reactions throughout the body. One of the consequences, well established by scientific studies, is a weakening of the immune system. But this research has also shown that we can act, and that controlling stress improves the chances of recovery. Meditation mindfulness is thus of particular interest to researchers, such as the French neuroscientist Antoine Lutz. According to him, meditation allows you to take a step back, accept and overcome stressful events. Its benefits have been demonstrated through brain imaging. Those of yoga, also well documented, combine the effects of meditation with those of movement. The mind calms down all the better as the physical tensions are calmed.

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Putting the odds on your side to heal

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