Psycho: 5 ways to improve your relationship with yourself

While we regularly think about working on our relationships with others, we sometimes have more difficulty concentrating on our relationships with ourselves. But there are a few ways to improve it.

VSouple, family, friends, we need to work on all our relationships, but there is none more important than the one with ourselves. In general, it is not the first relationship that comes to mind, yet it is primordial and influences our relationship with others. In an article published on Psychology Todaypsychologist Roxy Zarrabi insisted on the consequences of a bad relationship which would result in a bad self esteem and difficulties in connecting with oneself and others. To remedy this, she gave some habits to integrate into our daily lives:

  • Assess the areas of our life that deserve more attention : “Think about the areas of your life in which you are not honoring your needs, then think about the changes you could make”, advises the psychologist. Whether it’s a friendly relationship, the work environment or a problem in the relationship, it’s important to take stock of our daily lives as a whole. By trying to satisfy our needs, we begin to trust ourselves and to be more benevolent with ourselves.
  • Practice self-compassion : “The next time you are critical with yourself, recognize that you are suffering and, rather than blaming yourself, try to understand what you need”, proposes Roxy Zarrabi. To better achieve this, we can also imagine what we would say to a friend in the same situation as us.
  • Treat yourself to real “self-care” : going for a walk, playing sports, having a good meal, practicing an activity that relaxes us or simply deactivating our notifications are all reflexes that can be real moments of well-being.

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  • Engage in a daily habit : setting up and respecting a new habit allows us to regain our confidence in ourselves. If we manage to read at least five minutes, play sports, write or meditate every day, it will prove to us that we can trust ourselves.
  • practice meditation : mindfulness is an excellent way to get to know ourselves better and to be more attentive to our thoughts and feelings. Meditation thus develops our compassion and can allow us to develop our compassion for others.


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Psycho: 5 ways to improve your relationship with yourself

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