Prānā Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat: the yoga and well-being event on September 25

What is prana? This Sanskrit term designates both the breath, the energy it contains and its organic manifestation. It is therefore an energy of the living, a vibration that we find all around us and within us. If the prānā is not palpable, it is possible to feel it, immersed in nature: in the mountains, in the forest or… facing the sea. Feet anchored in the sand, in front of the immensity of the Mediterranean, the yogis -fervent followers of yoga- will thus be able to experience this primary and universal energy, this fluid sometimes burning, sometimes refreshing, generating variable sensations and emotions.

From sunrise, to the sound of the gong, the experience Prānā Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat opens the field of possibilities with several courses and workshops. And this moment out of time will continue until 8 p.m. with varied courses and workshops accessible to all.

Many yoga classes and workshops, accessible to all, take place all day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. NM.Agency.

Which yoga class is right for me?

Everyone is welcome: yogis and yoginis as well as neophytes. But how do you know which course to try among the many practices offered? the prānāyāma is the discipline of the breath which harmonizes our vital energy -the famous prānā- with many exercises and breathing techniques. The Winds of Silence is an energy yoga composed of thirteen series of dynamic and meditative movements that are performed in an upright position.

the haha yoga is one of the most practiced yogas in the West: a series of gentle, precise and rhythmic postures, allowing mastery of the body and the senses. the vinyasa yoga is a more dynamic and sporty practice with a synchronized sequence. L’ashtanga yoga is both traditional and intense and the postures follow each other at a steady pace, with increasing difficulty. the yin-yoga is, on the contrary, a soft and slow practice, mixing postures and meditation. the yoga nidrahe is based on meditation with very little physical effort.

the boxing yoga is a sports practice, still confidential in France, with postures inspired by boxing sequences. L’acroyoga is also a new discipline at the crossroads of dance, yoga, gymnastics and circus with postures to be practiced in duos or trios. As its name suggests, the pilates yoga mixes yoga postures and postural gymnastics exercises based on breathing and on the placement of the Pilates method.

Everyone is welcome: yogis and yoginis as well as neophytes. NM.Agency.

the kundalini yoga is sometimes considered the “original yoga” because it brings together many forms of yoga. Its practice is powerful because it acts on the circulation of vital energy – kundalini – which is activated for a better physical and mental balance. It is based on a body practice (with static and dynamic postures) and breathing (with varied and sophisticated techniques) and integrates relaxation and meditation (sung with mantra or silent).

the woman yoga also brings together several types of yoga. You can find hormonal yoga, yin postures but also facial yoga and of course relaxation, not to mention acupressure points and breathing. It aims to reconnect to femininity and hormonal rebalancing. This is also the case of the sacred feminine meditationa vibratory care of connection to the sacred space of women and inner healing.

Not forgetting all the acoustic meditation workshops: the sunrise sound meditationthe initiatory journey to the drumthe yoga of sound or even the chanting of mantras.

Reconnection and inner balance are among the benefits of guided meditation. Jimmy Laden.

More than 20 yoga teachers present

To supervise the practice of yogis and yoginis, around twenty teachers from the Côte d’Azur will be present. The opportunity to discover new practices and, why not, to join the courses of some for the year. “Yoga punctuates my life and allows me on a daily basis to feel both physically and mentally, explains Karène of Happy Yogi. This regular practice allowed me to reduce my anxieties but also various physical pains. That’s why I wanted to share it and train myself in hatha yoga but also in sound therapy and different energy healing practices.”

Passionate about yoga, Bonnie from L’Atelier Yoga has trained in many practices: hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, dragon dances, prenatal and postnatal yoga, yoga of sound. Its goal is to:pay attention to each student, so that everyone can practice according to their own possibilities and expectations”.

To supervise the practice of yogis and yoginis, around twenty teachers from the Côte d’Azur will be present. NM.Agency.

Cécilia from Tropical Vinyasa Yoga sees yoga as “an art in movement, a dance, a meditation. Halfway between the poetry of the body and the awareness of the breath, his teaching is a gentle combination of effort, creativity and letting go..” Marc Nafilyan is a physiotherapist masseur, osteopath in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and therefore yoga teacher of the Vents du Silence.

Passionate about the movement of life, beings and their possible transformation”, Chloé of Pachamama Yoga & Care gives hatha yoga classes and also accompanies women through circles of care and circles of the moon. A graduate of vinyasa flow, Céline de Nice Yoga offers music lessons for better letting go. Come and meet all these yoga experts to experience a new approach to well-being thanks to them.

The best yoga, sport and lifestyle influencers in the region will also be there to share a moment of fulfillment. Do not hesitate to come and meet these brilliant sportswomen and seasoned content creators to exchange advice on well-being and life. Find in particular the yoga teacher and physiotherapist Apolline Gulf of Saint-Tropezthe journalist and yogini Dorothee Marroor even the triathlete and creator of the brand La Roda – French Riviera, Mallaury Lopez.

The best yoga, sport and lifestyle influencers in the region will also be present: Apolline Golfe de Saint-Tropez, Mallaury Lopez and Dorothée Marro. DR.

You can already book your online ticket. Go to the pages Facebook and instagram of Prānā Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat to follow the news and find all the information relating to the event. Last year, the first edition of Prānā Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat brought together more than 250 practitioners. Will you be with us on Cros dei Pin beach this Sunday, September 25?

Practical information : Prānā Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat – yoga & well-being day on Sunday September 25, 2022. Access at any time of the day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Cros dei Pin beach in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Price: €39 per day – Online ticketing.

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Prānā Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat: the yoga and well-being event on September 25

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