Overcome your fears: hypnosis, therapy, meditation, how?

Fear often accompanies the awareness of danger. It is manifested by physical reactions such as increased breathing and heart rate. How to overcome it, what exercises to adopt to reduce it? Answers with Héloïse Narfin, therapist and hypnotherapist.

What are the causes of fears and anxieties?

Fears are necessary because they save us many dangers! However, when they prevent us from acting on a daily basis and invade our minds, we then speak of anguish. This disabling emotion – a sort of form derived from fear – has its own physical manifestations such as tremors or throbbing. Fear manifests itself in different ways. “For example, the fear of talking to someone like everyone else would, for whom to buy their wand or ask for directions can become a handicap. The feeling of being constantly judged prevents these people from coming into contact with anyone. It’s no longer shyness, we’re talking about social phobia. Often accompanied by very disturbing symptoms” explains Héloïse Narfin. “There is also agoraphobia. Quite often, people think it’s the fear of the great outdoors. It’s not just that. It’s a fear of imminent danger when the patient leaves his secure space, generally his apartment, his house. Leaving his home becomes a real obstacle course since he is convinced that something necessarily serious will happen to him. His body is on alert for immediate danger.the physiological signs are manifested such as: tachycardia, sweating, tremors, flies in front of the eyes, shortness of breathfeeling like going crazy and obviously afraid of dying of a heart attack right now. The danger is irrational, but the symptoms are very real“explains the therapist. These fears often arise following a traumatic, family or social event. This can be a death or the fact of having one day been stuck in a traffic jam or an elevator. “It often starts with a paroxysmal panic attack (PA), which leads the patient to avoid any place similar to the first AP. This is called avoidance driving. We avoid taking the plane, the train, the metro, the car...” concludes the specialist.

Overcoming your fears naturally depends on their chronicity. If they are light streamline can help us overcome them. The therapist also advises breathe properly. “It involves taking a sachet and inhaling the exhaled air. It will calm an anxiety attack” she recommends. For the specialist, dispensing with very cold water on the forearms and drinking ice water also lowers palpitations.

Hypnosis is not magic warns Héloïse Narfin. Indeed, it is first necessary that the patient is suggestible, so relaxed and receptive enough to consider a session! “By inducing a positive narrative on the successes and positive learning of the patients, we can obtain a marked improvement in the subject or even eliminate these anxieties” explains the hypnotherapist. “But again hypnotherapy is not magic” she insists.

Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy (CBT) is well suited to overcoming fears. “With exercises of reflections and crescendo actions the subject confronts his fears to tame them and see them diminish and disappear. Together, the patient and the therapist, we set goals to be achieved, possible for the patient. Gradually he regain confidence in him and feels able to regain control of his life. Therapy time varies with each individual; of his understanding, of his real desire to get out of it, of his courage to face the exercises“explains the therapist about the process. Be careful though, it is not a question of will ! “I don’t know anyone who wants to be agoraphobic, social phobic, alcoholic, depressed or whatever. so this little sentence that we hear constantly: “when we want we can” only devalues ​​the patient and pushes him a little more. Does that mean that because he has no will he can’t make it? NOPE. It’s when we know we can, we want! And the TCCs are there for that, to do make the patient aware that it can be done, which values ​​him and makes him regain his self-confidence”.

All tools are good for calming our fears! “I will rather talk about relaxation“says Héloïse Narfin. “Ericksonian for example, which seems simpler to me at first than meditation. Achieving a good level of meditation takes years of practice, and patients want faster results. But of course it is a great tool.”

What daily exercises to overcome your fears?

To alleviate her daily fears, the therapist advises take your time, belly breathe where to find every day something that will make us really happy, to do, see or hear. Ericksonian relaxation makes us aware of the relaxation of our body and then of its tension. the sport is not to be neglected. 30 minutes a day is enough. “The endorphin (neurotransmitter of pleasure) produced during this activity will calm many fears and anxieties. emphasizes the hypnotherapist.

thanks to Heloise Narfintherapist and hypnotherapist.

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Overcome your fears: hypnosis, therapy, meditation, how?

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