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After the excessive Christmas and New Year food, what better than to get moving in the comfort of your home while having fun and above all for FREE! Today, we invite you to discover our favorite French-speaking Youtube channels to move your pussies…and your whole body! Dear raccoon, we worked hard for you and the list we prepared for you has been tested and approved and this article is not only reserved for our raccoons!

Tara’s body

Created in 2021, Tara launches into “dance workouts”: a combination of fitness and dance with music from every country in the world. Tara is your guaranteed dose of good humor thanks to her free videos available on Youtube!

You will find there different types of dance (AfroBrazil, Soca, LatinDance, Reggaeton, Dancehall…) but also some HIIT cardio videos.

Yoga Fitness Quebec

Because sport does not necessarily mean jumping all over the place, it can also relax while building deep muscles. This is what Yoga Fitness Quebec offers.

As indicated by his name Yoga Fitness Quebec is 100% Quebec and has been founded in 2013 by 2 Yoga enthusiasts: Amélie Beaumont and Martin Ouellet. Yoga Fitness gives yoga and fitness classes through its three centers in Quebec and Lévis. She also offers live classes via Zoom and on his online platform YogaFitness. Amélie and Martin’s goal: do good to people and in passing make Yoga Fitness the French-speaking reference in the world.

On their Youtube channel, you will discover free access to sessions of all types (meditation, post and prenatal yoga, fitdanse, fitbox, etc.). You will definitely find your happiness there!


Better known as the Tissythe 2 founders (Sissy Mua and Tini) offer several free videos on the sissy youtube channel !

Accompanied by different coaches, each with their specialties, you will be able to discover:

  • cardio
  • Muscle building / Bodybuilding
  • Yoga, Pilates, Meditation
  • Sessions for pregnant people


If you appreciate their style, know that they also have a website (and app) in which you can have access to a free discovery program (named Starter Challenge) at any time before deciding whether or not to join the TSE team!


If for you, your favorite sport is gainzzz, we also have what you need! With a little equipment, you can easily make your own gym at home and here is your super trainer: KD Training!

On his Youtube channel, you will be able to find workouts for all parts of your body, with different levels of difficulty and often without equipment ! On his site, he also offers a 30 day bodybuilding program to do at home FREE.

Cath Bastien

You may know her as a participant of OD Martinique or Elisabeth Rioux’s roommate. But did you know that Cath Bastien also offers sports content ? And all free ?

On his French Youtube channel, you can discover several complete fitness workouts in French to do at home. No excuse, most of his videos last between 30 and 45min, so I’m sure you’ll find the time to put them in your day! If you ever want to go further and you love Cath, you can too buy training programs on his website!

Diva Yoga Studio

Because yes, yoga is a sports practice! Often we think it’s easy because some types of yoga are calm and hold the postures for a long time. But there is also more active yoga !

On the Studio Diva Yoga Youtube channel, you will be able to discover several types of yoga as well as lifestyle, health and meditation advice for a better life. Whether it’s to relax, sweat, stretch, there is certainly what you need on the channel to do it all from your living room!

Tibo Inshape Workouts

If you want to be shaped like a Greek god or goddess, we have the trainer for you: Tibo Inshape! He is now known for his testimonial or life-changing videos, but Tibo also offers workouts to do at home.

On his channel you can find videos of cardio, fitness or bodybuilding. But also full of videos with diet and health advice. His “joke” videos are very good to give you clear ideas on what is good to do and what not to do to have a healthy life!

Lucile Woodward

It’s rare that in a discussion with another person who plays sports at home, someone talks to me about Lucile. However, it is thanks to her that I started the sport at home, and she deserves to be known !

Tips, recipes, workouts at home, there’s everything on Lucile Woodward’s channel to live your best life! Lucille’s good humor and dynamism will certainly motivate you to start your sessions, and the diversity of training sessions she offers will make you work your body at 360°.

Nassim Sahili

Last channel and not least, that of Nassim Sahili. This sports coach will get you out of your comfort zone with his training and advice !

On Nassim’s channel, lots of advice and training videos. Crossfit, bodybuilding, renfo, there is everything to finish dry / dry and muscular like him! In addition, his good humor and his motivation are really communicative.


You certainly know this gym, present everywhere in Quebec. It’s the cheapest in the province and you’ll find all the essential machines for your workouts. But if you feel like staying at home, they also have a Youtube channel to sweat at home !

Attention, I prefer to warn you right away: some videos are in English but in general they offer you the same training with a French-speaking coach Also ! Cardio, indoor cycling, zumba, fitness and bodybuildingthere is something for everyone depending on your mood of the day.

And then if you haven’t had enough with that, we have a few channels in English to offer you:

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Our 10 French-speaking Youtube channels to play sports at home | Montreal CityCrunch

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