Olivier Véran lifts the veil on his colossal salary and finally throws the truth!

To the greatest surprise of all, Olivier Véran has decided to indulge in a new book. Available at Robert Laffont editions, the politician has released many truths in “Beyond the Waves”.

Olivier Véran reveals his ministerial salary

On the occasion of the release of his new book “Beyond the Waves”, Olivier Véran gave an interview to Parisian. During this interview, he notably made confidences about his work.

Firstly, Olivier Véran underlined: “This book is intended to hide nothing. Including what is intimate. For two years, I lived in my company apartment, yes, thirty meters from my office on the same floor. Handy given the time! ».

He also continued: “An apartment in its own juice. With a bed with a squeaky orthopedic mattress, from the 1980s. And a caring team ». In all honesty, he didn’t hesitate to reveal his salary.

Olivier Véran, without taboo swung: “Like any minister, I pay my bills, rent at the ministry, and I earn 6500 euros net per month after tax. On the other hand, he issued some info on his salary.

The principal concerned recalled that he had not counted his hours throughout the health crisis. He also came close to “burn-out”. In any case, this is what he confessed to our colleagues from Parisian.

“I had dizziness, deep nausea”

Olivier Véran revealed: “One morning, towards the end of the first wave, between a Defense Council and a Council of Ministers, in the Elysée Park. I had dizziness, deep nausea, throbbing legs”.

Before entrusting: “At the time, I slept for three hours by night. I skipped a lot of meals. The stress was constant. Then I looked at the trees, I blew and it started again on the spot “.

Olivier Véran also admitted that he had done meditation to help him get better and let go. It must be said that the health crisis has turned his life upside down, like that of many people around the world.

Always for Le Parisien, he also returned to this period. In particular, he expressed his regrets: “Part of the public has told us accused of knowingly lying on masks, to hide the shortage ».

He then set the record straight: ” This is not the case. The truth is that, on the masks, we were wrong, neither more nor less. We WHO [Organisation mondiale de la santé] and international health authorities”.

Olivier Véran continued: “In good faith, of course, but we were wrong”.

“I bear responsibility for all the decisions made”

In his book, Olivier Véran wrote: “I bear the responsibility for all the decisions made, adapted or not. And here I take the opportunity to apologize to you for this incredible error of appreciation”.

According to the extracts published by L’Express, the minister added: “Avoiding it would not have magically created the missing mask stocks. But to commit it to encumber a capital of confidence so essential when one asks the French so much effort in the long term “.

He also returned to the useless measures imposed by the government. “For example when we reopen restaurant terraces by requiring flower boxes or Plexiglas panels to separate the tables”.

Olivier Véran emphasizes all the same: “But I also note that some neighboring countries having described us as Absurdistan followed us in most cases. It makes you modest, crisis management”.

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Olivier Véran lifts the veil on his colossal salary and finally throws the truth!

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