Numerology: 2023, a year in 7

Numerology offers us a kind of meteorological climate to allow us to develop resources, potentials and to evolve while respecting our own rhythm. The objective: to create an inner well-being that promotes our daily fulfilment. Numbers reveal our needs, our abilities, our birth gifts to allow us to (re)become fully involved in our lives. For this, the reading of a numerological birth chart makes it possible to link all the numbers of our date and identity of birth and thus, to put back in motion all our energies and our interior resources.

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Numerology has no aim of predictions, it is an approach of self-knowledge, an ancestral art that allows us to better know ourselves and understand our internal functioning and with the world around us.

To know the number of the year, a simple addition is enough:

2023: 2+0+2+3 = 7!

The symbolism of all the numbers as well as the numerological profiles can be read here.

What does the vibration of the number 7 of this year 2023 offer us?

In 2023, we enter the last part of the cycle started in 2017 (in numerology, a cycle lasts 9 years). The vibration of the number 7 naturally invites us to slow down the pace to get back to basics, to our essence. The energy of 7 offers us to leave the outside world to go to meeting his inner worldlike a kind of journey through oneself.

Introspection, formations and truth for 2023

It’s a year that will probably be rich in questioning, in awareness, it’s time to take the time to reflect and prepare the rest of your life projects. It will also be favorable to resume teaching, studies in order to perfect your mind but also to transmit your knowledge through writing or through training.

The number 7 allows us to give meaning, to understand and to analyze the events that we are going through or that we have experienced in the past. This is the ideal year to start working on yourself or to continue it to go deeper and release the gray areas that can slow down your development. With the energy of the number 7, clarity arrives and the truth is revealed.

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It will be useless to want to force things, but it will be good to take time for yourself to read, recharge your batteries in nature, participate in a spiritual retreat, practice meditation, be and act in full consciousness.

May this year 2023 allow you to discover even more about the beauty of your being and the meaning of your coming here on Earth.

The keywords of this year 2023

Slowing down, withdrawal, silence, internalization, spiritual openness, wisdom, clarity, meditation, sacredness, clarity, discernment, detachment, observation, analysis, reflection, questioning, preparation, meaning of life, improvement, research, teaching, transmission.

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Numerology: 2023, a year in 7

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