Nogent-le-Rotrou. She creates a card game to improve well-being and productivity at work

Alice Geneviève has just created “Alyve”, a card game based on well-being. ©Valentin MAUDUIT

Around a bar table, on a terrace, we took the time to discuss his new project, but also 1,000 totally different things.

Taking time is taking care of yourself. And Alice Genevieve is an expert on this file.

The Percheron sports coach multiplies the advice of well-being in her community.

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Today, she wants to go even further: release a card game for the well-being of employees. But not only…

It also aims to improve their productivity.

According to her, workers do not take enough breaks. Today, who dares to take a guilt-free break ? Smokers, maybe?

Alice talks about a “useful” break, a intelligent and rejuvenating break“. A downtime that allows “to feel better in your body, in your head to get back to work behind by being efficient”. She insists on this, “the break is not a waste of time”.

It has been two years since she matured this project. And for that, she surrounded herself with “several service providers including a graphic designer, a business coach, a printer who is also in Berd’huis”. And to add, “I wanted an ecological and French game. And why not inclusive afterwards, with Braille cards”.

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45 action cards

What do these cards contain? Do we have to play several? “There are three different colors. Blue cards are linked to stress, red to procrastination and yellow to fatigue. These are the biggest problems in business, “replies the creator ofAlyve (the name of his company, and now his game).

Once the color has been identified, an action takes place (with an explanation on the back). “There are 15 by category,” she says.

Among the actions, which last between one and fifteen minutes, we find juggling, yoga breaksguided meditation, flash naps.

There is also a social role through these breaks.

If you see a colleague juggling, it will attract curiosity. This will perhaps trigger discussions with people we did not meet too much.

Need €6,000

To carry out her project, Alice Geneviève opened a participatory kitty. The approximate budget for the creation of the game is €20,000; she asks for 6,000 on Ulule. There are several different contributions.

You can buy the game in preview and then, depending on the amount given, a pack with anti-stress balls, essential oils, mandalas…

The game alone is also part of the proposals, but there are other options such as wellness deco cards or an online course by Alice. “I also offer business packs with three games included,” she says.

To withdraw the game, she offers delivery, “or a aperitif in the Perche to meet “. The young woman hopes for the release of her game at the start of the school year for the month of September.

This game, she wants to bring it into companies, into coworking spacesbut also among individuals (students, freelancers, etc.)

And she promises it in an explanatory video: one card is enough to change the course of your day or your life.

To discover the participative kitty, it’s here

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Nogent-le-Rotrou. She creates a card game to improve well-being and productivity at work

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