New moon of May 30, 2022: blow, the return to calm is imminent

Be relieved, the turbulent times are – almost – behind us. If we are at the end of Mercury retrograde, the new moon on Monday, May 30, 2022 begins a calmer and clearer period, after weeks of cosmic chaos.

Because between the retreat of the capricious planet and the start of the eclipse season, the sky of this early spring 2022 has not been kind to us.

“The May 2022 new moon is the first major lunation without a coupled eclipse. It also launches us into the last lunar cycle of spring – it’s time to refocus on our truth and start making sense of the recent surprises that life has brought us“, noted astrologer Nina Kahn for Bustle.

At the dawn of a new month and summer, this celestial event will take place in the lively and sociable sign of Gemini. “It’s a very spiritual position. This moon will push us to embrace our feelings and connect with the people around us,” the astrologer continues.

New Moon May 30, 2022: Time to sow the seeds of our new life

As we know, new moons are often linked to the opening of new chapters. This is the perfect time to launch new projects and set personal intentions for the month ahead.

And this new moon of May 30, 2022 could not be more placed under the sign of renewal. After an April new moon and a pink full moon exacerbated by eclipses, it’s a real page that turns, at the end of May.

This summery, action-oriented moon will feel like a welcome change of pace from the heavy, emotional and stressful feeling that has accompanied the past few weeks.“, Explain astro-journalist Maressa Brownfor InStyle.

For her, we can even speak of a “lunar magic”, from which “all the signs will benefit”. To enjoy this cosmic enchantment, the star specialist advises to define your intentions to better sow your seeds and to take advantage of this new serene energy, to embrace the practice of meditation.

“It will help you connect – with others and yourself – and find a sense of clarity, in the midst of chaos,” she explains.

The energy of Gemini pushes us to introspection

As you will have understood, the tendency is therefore to introspection. Coupled with the communicative and logical spirit of Gemini, this inner gaze will allow us to sort out our feelings.

“This new moon allows us to catch our breath after being plunged into the depths of last month’s eclipses – so there is an exciting sense of change and an element of hope in the air”, reports Maressa Brown.

The lively Gemini, always ready to embrace change, will give us the boost we desperately needed. In many, inspiration will fuse in many. In others, the new connections will jostle.

“Due to the social nature of Gemini, this new moon is also a beautiful time for reconnecting with friends and expressing your emotions. If you’re feeling more introspective, try writing down your emotions in a journal and giving yourself the freedom to put your thoughts into words. It can help relieve stress and reflect on where we are,” recommends astrologer Nina Kahn, for Bustle.

Now is the time to let go of any lingering darkness and move on. The new moon in Gemini will promote self-reflection”, agrees, for her part, Maressa Brown.

Beware of the last phase of Mercury in retrograde

But let’s not forget Mercury, which, in addition to being in retrograde until June 3, rules the sign of Gemini. “The planet plays an important role in this new moon,” confirms Nina Kahn.

“Mercury will clash with serious Saturn – which could spark negative thoughts and force us to realize the consequences of our decisions on our lives,” she warns for Bustle.

And Maressa Brown agrees, the last phase of the retrograde could well calm the wind of freshness started by the new moon. “The movement started forward could have difficulty in setting up, until June 3”, she explains.

Fortunately, positive conjunctions, such as Neptune and Pluto, will keep us focused on the positive. Similarly, the one between Mars and Jupiter will bring us a surge of dark energy, which will fuel our inner fire, and allow us to reach the moon (especially in the professional field).

And the powers of this conjunction will be of great help to us in the face of the last days of the retrograde. Because, in its final moments of retreat, the capricious planet “stationary”, which means that a cork of communication errors, delays or other technical problems, could emerge the tip of their nose.

New moon of May 30, 2022: what effects on my astro sign? Aries, it is your desire to learn and connect with others that will be solicited by this new moon. This is the time to make new encounters (friends or lovers), which will be lasting. Open your eyes – and your heart.

The lights are silver level green for Taurus. Self-employment, promotion, poaching… Follow your intuition, which should guide you towards the best path.

It’s your new moon, Gemini. You will see much more clearly in the coming days, the opportunity for you to sort out – among your entourage and your belongings. This is also the time to listen to you. Surely you work too much, give more time to a passion, it will do you good.

Cancers, you too will have to listen to yourself. Your inner voice is not parasitic, it could even give you the courage to take the plunge, especially in the professional field.

Among the Lions, new challenges will not be lacking. To maneuver them at best, open up to others and don’t shy away from teamwork, which could well save you the day. Set goals and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to achieve them.

Are you thinking of converting dear Virgins? You are on the good road. This new moon encourages you to set bold and specific professional goals.

Libras, it’s time to reconnect with others and stop sulking in your corner. Asking for help isn’t always easy, but is always lifesaving.

The new moon invites you to rethink your loves and your relationship to intimacy, natives of Scorpio. Your mantra until the next full moon? “Pleasure in giving, joy in receiving”, make good use of it.

You are in a joyful and sharing mood, Sagittarius friends. Nothing could be more normal, this new moon comes to stimulate your loves and guides you towards the person with whom you can start a new chapter of life. The icing on the cake, you are not afraid to use big words to make it understood to the other. Go ahead, the stars are with you.

Well-being above all. This is the message that this new moon wants to send to you, Capricorns. Rethink your routine, which has been somewhat wobbly lately. Include moments for you: sports, meditation, reading… In any case, you will have to spend less time at work.

Aquarians should have butterflies in their bellies at the start of the week. The new moon will sprinkle your love and emotional life with magic. Boosted by the communication qualities of Gemini, you will be willing to welcome this love in the best conditions.

Finally, Pisces, this new moon marks the beginning of a new chapter in your inner life for you. There are many options: moving to the other side of the world, signing a lease, moving in as a couple… Your household will be the most turned upside down.

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New moon of May 30, 2022: blow, the return to calm is imminent

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