NEW – Coaching in French to live mindfulness in Barcelona

Helping people to live a more fulfilling life, consciously and with performance, is Alexandre Bardet’s credo. Le Franco-Suisse offers coaching and mindfulness sessions, both in Barcelona and remotely.

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“I can only change in myself what I am aware of” explains Alexandre Bardet. Originally from Geneva, he accompanies people towards better emotional management, to live in a more conscious and concentrated way. To do this, coaching allows you to get to know yourself better and develop the necessary resources to solve a personal problem or achieve an objective.

Based in Spain for eight years, he previously studied international business management in Geneva, as well as coaching in the business world. Following training in coaching in Madrid, Alexandre works in the Catalan capital. “I managed teams of up to 300 people. I managed to achieve this life goal through coaching”, he explains. Continuing to take an interest in personal development at the same time, he decided to devote himself to it 100%. His goal ? To be able to help everyone who needs it, without the limits of a company.

Over the course of the sessions, the professional guides gradually, without giving specific instructions but rather by creating an introspective and creative space in which the person discovers himself, overcomes his inner obstacles and gradually advances towards his objectives. The person himself makes the journey in order to develop his potential, it is not the coach who dictates it.

Living mindfulness in Barcelona

In addition to coaching, Alexandre carries out mindfulness sessions, in other words full consciousness. “Both our well-being and our performance depend greatly on the quality of our attention and therefore on our capacity for mindfulness” he details. This type of meditation is a form of mental training that allows us to improve our concentration, take a step back from ourselves and better self-regulate. Mindfulness can be chosen in addition to coaching or independently.

French Coaching Barcelona

“Being able to watch a sunset without being distracted by elements of your past day, or enjoying a five-minute shower without thinking about things to do, it is possible and it takes practicesays Alexander. Mindfulness is a fundamental skill for our personal development, which allows us to move forward more consciously and serenely”.

Thanks to training he completed in Barcelona, ​​as well as a two-year master’s degree at the University of Barcelona, ​​the coach has mastered all the techniques and has the knowledge necessary to accompany him on this path. To live in the present moment, without needing to disconnect or be on autopilot, the coach learns to meditate and integrate it into his daily life. People see a reduction in their stress, better emotional management and an increase in their concentration.

French Coaching Barcelona

These benefits also apply to athletes. Alexandre Bardet has created a program especially for them, so that they find the balance between performance and well-being. He provides coaching, mental preparation and mindfulness support in sports centers and schools.

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Sessions in French, Spanish or English, face-to-face in Barcelona or video.

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NEW – Coaching in French to live mindfulness in Barcelona

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