never shaken

Sread the scriptures

Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who delights in his commandments. (…) It is good for man to be gracious and to lend (…), for he will never be shaken (…) He is not afraid of bad news, his heart is firm, full of confidence in the Eternal . His heart is strong, he feels no fear
Psalm 112.1-8.

Life can be full of stressful situations. Events that cause concern and fear. But God has provided a way to get through life so they don’t dominate us.

First of all, we should not be afraid of others, but fear the Lord. It means to focus on him, to revere him and to honor him. Have an intimate and personal relationship with him. Seeking Him and devoting the most important part of our life to Him. As we get closer to him, we will see our fears fade away.

We should also find great pleasure in his commandments. We cannot just read the Bible once in a while. If we want to be free from fear and worry, we must find great pleasure in his Word. We must hide the words it contains in our heart, meditate on them and concentrate on them. They give us stability, clarity and certainty.

Third, we must trust him. In our daily lives, we may find ourselves confronted with disturbing situations and people who may worry us. We must understand that everything in the world is temporary. Trusting God changes our attitude and our outlook, because he does not change, and he is always with us.

This lifestyle frees us from fear and also gives us a generous spirit. We stop worrying and realize that God has blessed us so we can bless others. We can be generous because we know He provides for us. We can be confident, our hearts can stand firm.

Elisten to the voice of God

The world around us is increasingly stressful. So let’s take the time to listen to what God wants to tell us about this.

Praying is simple. Speak to God as you would your closest friend. God loves you and can hear everything, for example: Lord Jesus, come to my rescue. I can no longer worry about everything and nothing. I want to lean on you all over again and experience your divine peace in all the circumstances of my life..”

Lpray to god

To praise God is to express our gratitude to him. Have you recently received a word of encouragement via the Bible, a daily message, a word addressed to you? Thank the Holy Spirit who manifests himself to you in all kinds of ways, and rejoice in the Lord! (Philippians 4.4)

HASact today

Now don’t let fear rule your heart anymore. You don’t have to be afraid of the problems you encounter or worry about the conditions of the world. Trust God. Trust him your way. Have faith that he will protect you, guide you, and provide for you.

Hworship the Lord

Our journey for the day ends. Let us pray together to honor our God.

“Thank you Lord, you are my rock and my fortress (Psalm 71.3) ! Thine be the kingdom, the power and the glory, amen !”

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never shaken

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