Never consider these myths if you want to practice meditation.

The practice of meditation is to deliberately devote oneself to one’s mind. During our busy days, we make time to sit, breathe, and try to focus on our breath.

This discipline promotes a greater awareness of our thoughts, a more compassionate behavior towards ourselves and others, and a connection to the present moment. If you want to meditate, below you will find what you need to know about the most common myths about it.

Myth #1: Clear your mind.

Many people believe that meditation involves emptying your mind, and this notion can seem too complicated or daunting.

Truth : Clearing the mind seems really difficult and daunting…since it is almost (if not completely) impossible to do so. The nature of the human mind is to dwell on thoughts, to get stuck in cycles. That’s all he does. In meditation, expect to see your mind wander and become lost in thought. Meditation is about monitoring what is going on in our mind, without being judgmental.

Myth #2: Meditation takes time.

This statement is just an excuse. We often believe that if we only have a few minutes to devote to meditation, it is not worth practicing.

The truth : it only takes a few minutes a day to begin to feel the benefits of a meditation practice. In reality, no one has time to do all the things they want to do in one day. On the contrary, many people find that they save time in their day by meditating, which allows them to be more present, more efficient and more productive in their activities.

Myth #3: You have to sit on the floor, crossing your legs.

The truth : it is useless to try to resemble Buddha while meditating. As long as you are comfortable and your spine is relatively straight, the position is ideal for meditation. Sitting on a chair or on a pillow, cushion, or yoga mat, or even crossing your legs on the floor, may be the best position, but that’s up to you, after you’ve tried it. The only real principle is to be comfortable.

Myth #4: Meditation takes years of hard work to perfect.

It is often thought that meditation should be a totally happy experience if you do it right, and if negativity enters your meditation, you must be doing something wrong.

The truth : One of the important principles of meditation is not to judge your thoughts and experiences. So, there is no right or wrong way to meditate, and there is no meditation that can be called right or wrong. As a beginner, you may need to bring your mind back to the present moment more often, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Myth #5: You need to do yoga (or at least be a hippie or vegan).

Crystals, chants, levitation, gurus, mythical gods and goddesses…these are the things that come to mind when you first hear about meditation.

The truth : people from all backgrounds and cultures meditate. This practice is spreading more and more as the benefits of meditation, backed by science, are known to the general public. Meditation is made for yogis, vegans, and hippies, but also for doctors, CEOs, bartenders, elementary school teachers, lawyers, nurses, and just about anyone looking to release stress, calm the mind, stimulate creativity and increase their self-awareness, patience, productivity and compassion.

Myth #6: Meditation is easy.

Truth : Starting a meditation practice seems to be one of the hardest things to do. But it is also one of the most valuable. A challenge is to be expected from the start.

If you know from the start that a meditation practice is meant to be rewarding and valuable in your life – but not always easy – you will also learn to be patient with yourself. Some people find that meditating comes to mind right away, and it’s actually understandable. But for others, the ease of meditation takes time. It is important to know that this is normal at first and it becomes more and more usual.

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Never consider these myths if you want to practice meditation.

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