Natural painkillers: a whole guide to plants and essential oils to relieve pain

Life without pain is beautiful! At the same time, pain is our body’s normal reaction to signaling a condition that we need to counter in some way. Nature against chemistry! What side are you on? As headaches, toothaches, knees, stomach are not spared us and accompany us on a daily basis, we must know the natural painkillers and have them on hand. Our selection not to be missed!

Natural painkillers, why prefer them?

Ecologically aware, you clean the encrusted limestone by natural means. Instead of using dangerous pesticides and chemical fertilizers, you improve garden soil with compost made from food and plants. You believe that your contribution towards safeguarding the environment counts for plums. So, it shouldn’t be hard to find natural painkillers that your body will tolerate. In the absence of allergy symptoms, you can use aromatic and medicinal plants not only in the kitchen, but also to relieve certain ailments, without resorting to drugs and care from your general practitioner.

Many people have found that natural pain relief options are a great way to complement medical treatments for chronic pain. Generally, natural painkillers are easy to try, inexpensive, and have significant potency.

natural painkillers release inner endorphins resort to conventional medications

A natural painkiller releases inner endorphins which are the natural painkillers produced by your body. They work by binding to opioid receptors in your brain to block the perception of pain. Stimulating increased production of these natural hormones can dramatically help reduce ailments, as well as produce deep feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. It is not by chance that our ancestors involved certain spices in meals and took advantage of them to relieve and heal suffering.

Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals such as ibuprofen are effective pain relievers, but long-term use can cause side effects. That’s why learning to manage pain naturally may be your best bet.

Why grow lavender in your garden or on the balcony?

natural painkillers lavender oil relieve migraine topical application

As a border in the front of the house or in a pot on the balcony, you need to know when to plant lavender. With caution, (do not ingest under any circumstances), lavender oil is for topical application. Relieve a migraine and help sleep, by rubbing on the forehead, temples and behind the ears. Before use, dilute and test on a small area of ​​the hand for lack of allergy. It is on the principle of aromatherapy that lavender oil works. Eliminating stress with this natural product may be the key to remedying your headache.

Another multi-faceted essential oil

natural pain relievers rosemary can eliminate bone muscle pain seizures

Apart from headaches, rosemary oil can eliminate muscle and bone pain and seizures. It can also reduce inflammation, relax smooth muscles and boost memory. By applying it to the skin, in the form of a bath, massage or cold compress, you relieve rheumatism and arthritis. By inhaling it, you unload the lungs during bronchitis and the sinuses too. Finally, internally, rosemary oil alleviates a digestive disorder and a headache.

Dilute the essential oils in a vegetable oil such as olive oil. Use three to five drops of essential oil for every 30ml of carrier oil.

Mint oil on the painful area

natural powerful painkiller mint oil anti inflammatory effects antimicrobial analgesic

Some research suggests that peppermint has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and pain-relieving effects. Active compounds in the essential oil include carvacrol, menthol, and limonene. One should rub on the area suffering from arthritis spasms.

Relief from tension headaches has also been found if applied to the temples and forehead.

Avoid putting peppermint oil on a wound and on broken skin at the risk of allergic reactions.

Eucalyptus oil is a toxic natural painkiller

powerful natural painkiller eucalyptus reduce pain swelling inflammation body

This natural product can reduce pain, swelling and inflammation in the body. Do not use eucalyptus oil near children or pets. Eucalyptus can trigger asthma and it is important to dilute in a carrier oil before topical application.

Cloves for a toothache

the guide to natural painkillers clove antioxidant activity anti inflammatory antifungal antiviral

If you’ve had a dental appointment, you can smell the smell and taste of cloves in your mouth. Thanks to this natural painkiller, the level of pain is lower.

Researchers believe cloves may have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiviral activity.

Feverfew is a double-edged sword

natural painkiller tooth chamomile treatment fever migraines rheumatoid arthritis

Although traditional uses include treating fever, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, toothaches, and stomach aches, as well as increasing breast milk, results are mixed.

Side effects such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and increased risk of bleeding have been noted. It is therefore important to speak to a doctor before trying feverfew.

Turmeric and ginger as natural painkillers

powerful natural painkiller turmeric colitis bloating ally against suffering

In case of colitis and bloating, turmeric is your ally against suffering. This star spice with a thousand virtues improves the functioning of the digestive system.

As for ginger, no one disputes its health benefits. Use it to relieve menstrual pain.

powerful natural painkiller yoga meditation moral support considerable role well-being

Don’t forget that apart from natural herbal painkillers, there are yoga, meditation and moral support which also play a considerable role for physical and moral well-being.

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Natural painkillers: a whole guide to plants and essential oils to relieve pain

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