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After two blank years due to Covid-19, music festivals are making a comeback this summer in France, some of which thanks to the support of foundations hosted by the Fondation de France.

Encourage projects at the crossroads of art and ecology, raise awareness of classical music or pay tribute to a great composer of the XXe century… The causes defended by the foundations hosted by the Fondation de France are varied, but the desire of the founders is common: to promote artistic creation and share their passions with the public. Whether they invite meditation, commitment or romance, the festivals supported by philanthropy are placed under the sign of encounter and exchange. Overview.

Meditate by rediscovering the work of Olivier Messiaen

Pure air and the fresh wind of creation will blow in the Alps at the end of July. Like every year, the Olivier Messiaen Festival in the Pays de la Meije will resonate from the village of La Grave to Briançon, on the land dear to the composer Olivier Messiaen, who died just 30 years ago. “He came there to meditate, to recharge his batteries, to listen to the birdsong. All his work is inspired by a very deep connection with religion and nature., explains Catherine Massip, director of the Messiaen Foundation, which keeps his memory alive and supports contemporary creation. In this spirit, several works by Messiaen will be revisited, including Vingt regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus, performed on the piano by Bertrand Chamayou in the small church of La Grave.

“The church is just opposite the Meije glacier, it’s overwhelming, it’s so beautiful! The magic of the place encourages meditation and sharing », she is moved. The concerts are associated with conferences, hikes and a musical stroll to the sound of the alphorn. “You can come with your rope and ice axe, having fun Catherine Massip, this festival is a global experience. »

Engage while having fun at the Danaus Festival

Further south, on the heights of Nice, in Tourrette-Levens, the Danaus-Festival will celebrate ecology in music. Supported by the Stin’Akri Foundation, which promotes artistic and cultural projects at the limits of genres, Danaus puts art at the service of the environment. “The idea is to celebrate with the family while developing an ecological conscience”says Gilles Benejam, founder of Stin’Akri. “We must not forget that we are on borrowed time”, he adds, more serious. On the program of this first edition which takes place at the beginning of August, unclassifiable artists such as the Humanophones, body percussion players, or Max Vandervorst, musician and “wild luthier” who makes instruments from everyday objects. “We hope to surprise while keeping a playful spirit. We don’t want to be grim”insists Gilles Benejam.

Street performances, local market, artists’ village and conferences, everything will encourage meeting and exchange in Tourrette-Levens. “Art can serve the planet by creating listening and sharingassures Gilles Benejam, we would like the public to leave with deep questions and sounds in their heads. »

Freewheeling Concerts

Bach, Corelli, Handel, Mozart… These composers were on the program of the Free Wheel Concerts, and were played by four musicians specializing in early music. From June 25 to July 2, they cycled the path that separates Ris-Orangis from Souvigné-sur-Sarthe, and offered a free concert open to all at each stage. This original initiative has benefited from the support of the Cordes Sensitives Foundation.

Dreaming while abandoning yourself in Saint-Tropez

In Saint-Tropez, The Nights of the Château de la Moutte will give pride of place to classical and jazz. Far from the glitter associated with the famous village of the Côte d’Azur, this festival invites romance and memories. “You don’t expect to listen to classical music in Saint-Tropez. However, this festival is the heir to the cultural past of the city and of all the artists who have populated it”, assures François Michiels, general delegate of the La Palmeraie Foundation, which supports the event. Organized for 46 years in the majestic courtyard of the Château de la Moutte, the festival this year brings together renowned artists, such as Renaud Capuçon and Avishai Cohen, and young talents. “We wanted to bring freshness and originality”, explains François Michiels. Two Georgian artists are also invited in a will “open to the world”while remaining in the spirit of the festival, either small formations and music ” that makes you dream “.

Every year, a concert is organized on the Canebiers beach. “We install a piano on the pontoon, the public has their feet in the sand, facing the sunset. The Gulf calms down, the lights of Sainte-Maxime light up in the distance and the musical notes spread over the water, describes the Tropézien, it is magic. »

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Music: festivals at the heart of philanthropy – Fondation de France

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