“Morphée democratizes meditation with its disconnected objects” – Challenges

Challenges – Why did you decide to enter the sleep market?

Charlie Rousset- France has more than 4 million insomniacs, a phenomenon amplified by stress and anxiety. With my partner, we decided to create a disconnected object that would be based on meditation and sophrology to promote falling asleep. In October 2018, Morphée was marketed at Nature & Découvertes. And very quickly, we found ourselves out of stock. Today, it is distributed at Boulanger, Darty, Decathlon, or at Fnac.

How does this solution actually promote falling asleep?

The design was conceived in the spirit of a music box, above which three keys allow you to choose the theme, the duration and the voice of the session. Each object contains up to 210 programs, all of which have been designed with the help of sleep professionals.

Why did you diversify your product line?

In 2020, Mon Petit Morphée was born out of user demand. The idea was to innovate by offering meditative and playful trips to children aged 3 to 8 so that they can find calm before going to bed. Then, in October 2021, we launched Morphée Zen, a pebble that offers short meditation sessions to manage stress over the course of a day. In September, we invest in the hotel market, with the creation of a B to B offer, before launching a range of accessories in the fall.

What is the added value of Morphée in an already very competitive market?

We are not a story box, but an object of well-being with a real medical guarantee. We rely on a network of 1,500 prescribers, who are both sophrologists, somnologists, but also sleep centers.

Has the pandemic helped your growth?

Our turnover has increased from 2 million euros in 2019 to 12 million in 2021. To date, Morphée has more than 500,000 users. The health context has led to a real awareness in terms of well-being among consumers.

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You have chosen not to fundraise. Why?

We have been profitable since day one. So we don’t need to fundraise. I favor the model that every dollar spent must be a dollar earned.

What is the objective of the subsidiary you have just opened in the United States?

In order to break into the world of physical commerce in the United States, I chose to associate myself with a local partner. We have also just opened a subsidiary in Hong Kong to reach Japan and Korea. Although our headquarters are in Aix-en-Provence, Morphée is present in ten countries. This year, we will double our international share, which was 15% in 2021.

Your growth dream?

To be as present abroad as in France, and to democratize meditation all over the world.

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“Morphée democratizes meditation with its disconnected objects” – Challenges

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