“Monsignor René-Marie Ehouzou was a gift from God for the Church”

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Born on April 12, 1944 in Cotonou, he was ordained a priest on September 30, 1972, appointed bishop by Pope John Paul II and consecrated in Rome on January 6, 2003, bishop of Abomey before joining the diocese of Porto-Novo on February 4 2007, Monsignor René Marie Ehouzou died on Wednesday October 17, 2012, at the age of 68.

To mark ten years of his call to God, his successor, Monsignor Aristide Gonsallo, and his presbyterium, together with the Catholic faithful of Porto-Novo, organized various events for a week to celebrate his memory and pay a deserved tribute. to this prelate who for 5 years truly served the diocese of Porto-Novo, in prayer, humility and perfect worship of God.

Meditation at his grave, followed by a mass for the repose of his soul on Monday October 17, 2022 at the cathedral of Porto-Novo; Prayer vigils followed by teachings on his life, in all the parishes of the diocese, on Thursday, October 20; spiritual concert on Friday October 21 at the cathedral of Porto-Novo; conference-debates on the prelate’s doctoral thesis entitled “Fon prayer at the rendezvous of the Christian liturgy: an attempt to analyze traditional adja-fon prayers” and finally a mass of thanksgiving concelebrated this Saturday, October 22, 2022 by three bishops, Bishops Aristide Gonsallo from Porto-Novo, François Gnonhossou from Dassa and Bernard Toha from Djougou, were the highlights of the week of tribute and commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the death of Monsignor René Marie Ehouzou.

“The meditation on today’s texts offers us the opportunity to meditate on the place of conversion in the life and works of Bishop Ehouzou. Thus, the Eucharistic celebration which brings us together is not only the occasion to commemorate the tenth anniversary of his death, but it is also and above all the occasion to look with humility, in the same direction and to follow in the footsteps that he traced” said Monsignor Aristide Gonsallo in his homily. For him, Monsignor René Marie Ehouzou is a gift from God for the Church because his life among the clergy was a strong testimony of the gospel to conversion. He therefore rejoices in some aspects of his actions which could help the faithful to live their faith and to pursue the road of conversion which leads to God. The ordinary of the place also revealed that in less than five years of exercise of the episcopal ministry in Porto-Novo, the prelate achieved unsuspected performances and that the pastor he incarnated was in adequacy with his works. “He believed, he hoped for new and better tomorrows for Porto-Novo his diocese starting with his presbyterium” he added before urging the assistance and especially the faithful to conversion and especially to ask for masses at the intention of the illustrious deceased. Among the many faithful who had come to honor the memory of the illustrious deceased, one could note the remarkable presence of the presidents of the National Assembly, 7th and 8th legislature Adrien Houngbédji and Louis Vlavonou.

It should be noted that the participants in the conference-debates organized on the doctoral thesis of Monsignor René Marie Ehouzou recommended that the clergy publish the content of this thesis which for them constitutes a treasure to be rediscovered, a gold mine, an important resource for the Church in the pursuit of her mission of evangelization of peoples.

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“Monsignor René-Marie Ehouzou was a gift from God for the Church”

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