Meditation, the road to happiness for Marjorie Lafond

It was after having lived an unsatisfying life in her teaching career that author Marjorie Lafond chose to take her life into her own hands and change everything by making a 180-degree turn. In her new book, she says that meditation has been one of the triggers for her to access happiness.

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“I earned a good living, with a good salary as a teacher, but I was not happy, I did not feel in my place”, says Marjorie Lafond, who now wishes to pass on her knowledge to her readers in order to learn to meditate with ease.

Along with a career that was unfulfilling, Marjorie Lafond struggled with various issues, including anxiety. “After my studies in literature at the university, I was crumbling under debt, with loans to repay,” she explains. Afraid of not being able to live from her pen, even if she dreamed of it since her childhood, in order to repay her debts, she agrees to work as a French teacher. “I tried to please myself in this profession that I practiced for ten years, but this profession did not fit my personality, even if I was appreciated by my students”, admits the author.

Marjorie D.Lafond

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To make matters worse, her relationship was not going well either and she was facing a separation. Trying to convince herself that teaching was the only job she could do, she drained her energy. She tried to send CVs in other fields, but without result. Faced with his obligations, including a mortgage to pay, stress and anxiety took their toll to the point of sinking into a major depression. Refusing to return to work in bars as she had done at the start of her career, she sank into her job as a teacher, which was making her sick. “I lost weight visibly, I didn’t eat anymore and I hardly slept anymore,” recalls the author who, after hitting rock bottom, chose to take charge of herself. “Besides, I didn’t have self-confidence at that time.”

Manage your stress well

To get out of her anxiety problems and put an end to her ten years of teaching, now alone with her daughter and without a spouse, she decides to practice meditation and visualization wishing to access happiness. “I imagined myself living the happy life I wanted,” she says. Determined to succeed, while putting into practice what she had learned through numerous readings, she came to lead the life she wanted by doing what she loves, in particular by writing many books. “I have developed my own methods by integrating meditation into my life,” emphasizes Marjorie Lafond.

Inner Peace

The author is of the opinion that access to serenity is not so easy. “Meditation is not a miracle solution for a change towards a happier life”, concedes Marjorie who adds that it is gradually that certain changes operate in oneself by integrating meditation into daily life. “You must first change the way you look at yourself to move forward,” she pleads.

In her book, the author offers concrete examples and exercises that are easy to put into practice in order to achieve true inner peace.

Marjorie Lafond is the author of 18 books including 12 novels and six practical guides. In particular, she signed Diamonds are forever…them!, #MeToo and Connect with nature, your four season guide.

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Meditation, the road to happiness for Marjorie Lafond

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