Meditation: soon to be recognized as a treatment for certain ailments?

For several months now, this kind of practice has been on the rise. Between naturopathy, yoga and meditation, the population no longer hesitates to turn to alternative and natural medicine for health. But a gap still exists. Although some alternative medicine such as acupuncture, Ayurveda medicine, homeopathy, sophrology, Chinese or Oriental medicine are recognized by the High Authority of Health, some are still struggling. Indeed, according to the site Solidarities-Healthcertain medicines whether they are complementary, alternatives Where natural are now integrated into the processing circuit if they are perfectly integrated : “The exercise of the medical and auxiliary medical professions is framed by the public health code (CSP). Health professionals hold a diploma, certificate or title mentioned in the same code which certifies studies whose program is validated by the Ministry of Health and/or the Ministry of National Education and Higher Education ”.

For several years, many health professionals have not hesitated to combine their so-called “classic” with a specialty of alternative medicine.

Towards a broadening of natural medicines?

In the years to come, another practice may join the family of Natural Healing. Meditation. Very old practice, which has practically always existed, it crosses the ages and is not likely to run out of steam. Nothing is easier than to practice the meditation. You just need your body and your mind. No equipment is required, it can be practiced anywhere and anytime.

Meditation makes it possible to reach a deep relaxation of the whole body. It works as a mental workout and is beneficial to health because it reduces stressanxiety and eliminates all negative thoughts.

For the moment, meditation is still recognized as an “unconventional” care practice and therefore cannot be integrated into a classic care plan as indicated on the site. Solidarities-Health “‘Conventional’ medicine relies on treatments that have obtained scientific validation, either through clinical trials, or because they benefit from a strong professional consensus obtained with the agreement and experience of the majority professionals in the relevant discipline. In the vast majority of cases, non-conventional care practices (NCHP) have not been the subject of of scientific studies Where clinics showing their modes of action, their effects, their efficiencyas well as their non-dangerousness.”

The report recommends to get good information from a licensed doctor to be sure that there is no contraindication. In addition, the practice must be supervised at least by a diploma to be sure not to be a scam. For now, the meditation is not likely to have its place in complementary or alternative medicine or even natural.

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Meditation: soon to be recognized as a treatment for certain ailments?

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