Meditation on YouTube: 7 free channels to get started on video

Incorporating meditation into your routine is not easy. Indeed, learning to take time for yourself is not a very widespread reflex. However, doctor, therapist or coach will tell you: it is essential. So, to achieve this, it is best to turn to guided meditations. We have therefore selected for you 7 free channels dedicated to meditation on YouTube to help you develop this new habit.

Indeed, meditation, to have real effects on stress, anxiety, self-esteem or sleep, requires regular mental training. Moreover, etymologically, the Sanskrit word which designates the fact of “meditating” means “cultivating”, so it is indeed an apprenticeship that is involved. A long-term process that requires a real commitment on the part of the meditator.

To take the right reflexes, it is therefore important to find the voice that suits you. Here is our selection of 7 meditation YouTube channels that will inspire you.

Below, you will discover the most viewed videos of each of them. So let’s go !

#1 Mike Meditation on YouTube

Through his dozens of videos posted on YouTube, Mike Meditation invites you to let go and see life on the bright side through positive affirmations and evening meditation sessions.

#2 Bubbles of Serenity

With more than 480,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, Cédric Michel offers many guided meditations that combine tradition and modern techniques.

#3 Pascale Picavet

Pascale Picavet is a psychotherapist. She favors a holistic approach to therapy and offers guided meditation and relaxation moments for children and adults on her YouTube channel.

#4 Guided Meditation on YouTube

On this YouTube channel dedicated to meditation, you will find many meditations guided by personalities such as Matthieu Ricard, Christophe André or Fabrice Midal.

#5 Catherine Package

Catherine Paquet is a psychotherapist. She offers therapeutic relaxation sessions at the crossroads between hypnosis, cognitive psychology and meditation on YouTube. The goal? Fight against problems related to stress, pain and sleep.

#6 Jenna Blossoms

If you’re looking for gentle awakenings, Jenna Blossoms’ YouTube channel might be for you. It is teeming with morning meditations to start the day off right.

#7 Mr. Mindfulness

For this trip to meditative lands, Jean-Marc, alias Mr. Mindfulness, mindfulness instructor, will be your guide. On his YouTube channel, you will find practical exercises, but also stories, sorts of parables to meditate on.

That should give you something to ponder for a while. To learn more about meditation and discover more resources on the subject, go to the page of our special meditation file.

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Meditation on YouTube: 7 free channels to get started on video

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