Marion Alzieu (Ma’ company): “Bringing nature and dance into dialogue” – La Vie Nouvelle

The mountain landscape is one of the creative sources of Marion Alzieu (Ma’ company), based in Savoie. With the “Alttaï” project, the choreographer collaborates with two worlds: natural spaces and photography.

“Alttai” refers to the Asian mountain range Altai (Golden Mountains, in Turkish). Why this choice of name?

MYI’m quite fascinated by Altai and its abundant ecosystem: in the world, it’s the most ecologically preserved part of the world. This is where several natural environments meet: mountains, lakes, plains, hills. The goal of the performance is to be really connected and in direct relation with what is happening in nature at the moment T. So I chose this name to refer, in a symbolic way, to nature, and to make the landscape a full protagonist of the performance. I am equally fascinated by the Savoyard landscapes which offer many points of view on the different materials and nature.

You create a dialogue between three mediums: the dancing body, the in situ landscape and photography. What does this confrontation between dance and natural architecture bring you?

MYConfronting my dance with this “hostile” environment because it is unpredictable and in motion, was a real challenge to find my place as a human being who blends into the landscape to sublimate it and highlight it for the eye of the spectator. . We are then a long way from dancing in a studio, in a rehearsal room or in a theater where the floor is flat, with a comfortable temperature. As a dancer, my breath changes in relation to the altitude, my supports in relation to the stone, and this completely connects me to the movement of the moment, because my attention and my concentration are really increased tenfold. A bit like the meditation that I practice, dancing in this environment has increased tenfold the full awareness of the moment in my gestures, sensations, noises… My goal, for the public as for me, was to find the appeasement of contemplation and our children’s eyes, in a period of the world where everything must be instantaneous, with a certain speed of productivity. All this by bringing together nature and dance.

Your dance performance includes photographer Romain Blanchi. How does your duo interact?

MYRomain really has a place as a protagonist in his own right. During the performance, the relationship is very simple and takes two directions: at times, he guides me to move in order to take a photo that brings a certain point of view; and sometimes I guide him to take him to a rock, to dance. A dialogue without words, quite gentle and humble, which passes through the eyes. I wanted to put the gaze at the center of this performance: being a photographer means knowing how to look in detail, both zooming in and looking far away. Dancing in nature is also knowing how to look at what surrounds us.

As an associate artist at the Dôme Théâtre d’Albertville, what are your next projects?

MYIf it’s a girl, a sextet that I will present at the beginning of December at the Dôme and for which I am basing myself on everything that is happening around feminist struggles: where does feminism come from? How has this evolved? Where are we today? Inspired by these voices that rise and speak, I wanted, through the prism of the body, to question the condition and the conditions of being born a girl and becoming a woman in our current world, by opening up to other countries in the world, because this problem is universal.

Alttaï : samedi 25 juin, à 15 h, au refuge de Rosuel, à Peisey-Nancroix. Rendez-vous au parking du refuge devant le kakémono du Dôme Théâtre à 15 h. Prévoir 30 minutes de marche jusqu’au lieu de représentation. À partir de 14 ans. Report prévu en cas de mauvais temps. Gratuit sur réservation auprès de la billetterie : 04 79 10 44 80.

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Marion Alzieu (Ma’ company): “Bringing nature and dance into dialogue” – La Vie Nouvelle

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