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We often talk about stress management, but what about the stress that managers can experience? Everyone deals with stress, but managers tend to handle an exceptional amount of it. Whether you’re managing employees, a business, a financial portfolio, or just your day-to-day bills and tasks, the management process requires focus, accountability, and adapting to factors beyond your control. Not only a manager too much stress harms his own health, but can also harm that of others! Of course, it’s impossible to completely eliminate stress, but with the right techniques and attention, you can manage it better and prevent it from taking over your life and your role as a manager.

Stress would be highly communicative. According Samah Karaki, doctor in neuroscience and co-founder of Social Brain Institutewe don’t necessarily communicate our stress to others, but we will rather attack them (often in a psychological way) to feel better… For example? A stressed manager will treat his teams unfairly, giving them unrealistic tasks or going against the organization’s code of ethics. According to the expert, the managers must be aware of this in order to be able to take the necessary step back in order to correct this flaw and thus avoid impacting the teams.

Often, companies set up yoga sessions, massages, meditation and breathing workshops for their employees. All in all, superb initiatives, they deal above all with the consequences of stress. However, it would also be necessary to attack the sources. For Karaki, managers must find the parameters that must be constantly monitored in order to maintain healthy and serene work for all. As ? Ask yourself if there is enough communication, fairness, transparency, team cohesion, feedbackamong others, within the organization.

So, how can you effectively manage your stress and that of your teams according to the specialist?

By recognizing that the burnout is not an individual responsibility. It is up to the collective, to the organization, to ask itself how to make sure that the members of the team help each other and are not threats to each other.

By promoting collective intelligence. In this way, we fight against cognitive biases. By ensuring that a manager is subject to the critical gaze of 2-3 other managers, decision-making will be greatly improved and the stress caused by ineffective management – if any – can be limited. .

By maintaining effective and human communication. Managers must know how to compose and balance their communication — neither too much nor too little. Seriousness and lack of warmth are often confused! You can very well be professional while being friendly and caring.

By strengthening team spirit. Cohesion is effective in reducing stress related to a difficult work climate or a feeling of exclusion, especially with remote work.

By daring to talk about his feelings. There is no better stress reliever than talking. It is important to legitimize the expression of feelings in the professional sphere. Managers must also show empathy towards their employees whose personal and family life is not always easy to manage either.

Finally, as a manager, it is easy to continually want to achieve excellence and strive for perfection — and there is no such thing! Refocus your priorities by setting more reasonable expectations for you and your team. Everyone will be less stressed!

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Manager and stressed? | News attic

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